Do hangovers get worse with age???

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by frogman007, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. Because they effing feel like it! As a young AB Diver I could drink, shag (maybe not so much of the shagging) get back onboard 0730, do team fizz and do a full days work. Now days I can hardly breathe the next day. I lay around like some old dog that needs shooting and take 300 zantac and brufen just to partake in this human race thingy.

    Is it just me???
  2. No ! I know just how you feel.Recovery after a sesh takes longer and longer.
  3. Not just you mate. I get cripplers now, but it does take me a bit more booze to get me pissed so it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

    I liked your joke about being a diver and doing a full days work by the way!
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  4. Yeah thought that might get a nibble. I meant a days sunbathing and posing and gelling up.
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  5. Nope! It's not just you

    The scientific bit ..........

    As we get older the concentrations of "enzymes" required for breaking down booze diminish in efficiency as we get older.
    The enzymes your body uses to break down booze are alcohol dehydrogenase (ALDH) and aldehyde dehydrogenase (ADH). ALDH breaks down the ethanol from alcohol into acetaldehyde, which is then broken down by ADH into a non-toxic substance called acetic acid (vineger).

    As acetaldehyde is one of the key toxic chemicals that influences the severity of a hangover any deterioration in ADH levels would contribute to worse hangovers.
    The other thing that can affect hangovers is cheap beer, wine and spirits which tend to intensify hangovers because they're more likely to have higher “congener” content. Congeners are the "chemical soup" that results from the fermentation or distillation process. More expensive booze is often filtered and triple or more distilled — thus, cleaner alcohol, less junk.

    Well you did ask!
  6. All right Dr Kildare how do I fix it? ie NOW!
  7. Re-hydrate fully, a glass of coke and some comfort food usually does it for me.
    I just hope you're still essence.
  8. You will hate this answer, don't drink so much????
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  9. Always been essence. It's part of diver's aptitude week. The amount of rats bastards that turned up was unbelievable. The bare faced cheek of it.
  10. Is this why a bucket full of Guinness gives me a lesser hangover that 3 bottles of red?

    I saw a documentary that showed the effects of alcohol is different in younger people e.g. for the same blood alcohol level an older person looks and acts more pissed than the young. The kind of benefit to that is we now know we are getting pissed and can stop when we think we have had enough (maybe) where the young keep on drinking as they don’t feel to pissed and then get hit by a sledge hammer or as we used to say must be the fresh air when you leave the pub.
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  11. 1. Fry up! Greasy spoon special. Gives the body more energy which increases ability to get rid of the alcohol

    2. Lucosade Sport - Its Isotonic so rehydrates you quicker (any Isotonic drink will do)

    3. Water ... 500mls an hour

    4. If you are feeling sick ... flat coke

    5. Take the day off and sleep!



    Take Aspirin - it'll aggrivate your stomach
    Take Brufen on an empty stomach ... see above

    Be wary of Paracetamol ... they may not aggrivate your stomach but it gives the liver a kicking and as the alcohols already done that it may be wiser to not take pain killers!
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  12. I am a Med Tech and should know. But I think grin and bear it will have to do
  13. Snap! Well Clinical Nurse Specialist so close enough
  14. From experience:
    hangovers do not get worse, they do however take longer (much longer) to recover from
  15. Certainly affects my vinegar strokes.
  16. Not sure if Brewers droop is technically an hangover, unless your head aces to much to shag
  17. Same advice as for sea sickness, keep barfing till you get something round and hairy in your throat, thats your ring, swallow that and hope it passes.
  18. Knew a Gangway Arms regular who had mega hangovers.

    Always been a bitter drinker and never had hangovers, cider on the other hand...............
  19. Following the hangover from hell I don't bother anymore!!!!

    Sad I know - but after three days I said enough was enough and gave up - :toothy4:
  20. Simple solution, as one gets older a bit of self discipline is all that is needed to avoid pain.

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