Do certain RMR's specialise in certain trades?

Discussion in 'RMR' started by Kola, Jun 19, 2008.

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  1. IE one does javelin and one trains sniper and another heavy machine gun etc.

    If so what are the options at RMR Tyne?
  2. I was an expert at the Javelin I then progressed to Throwing the Hammer and then The Long Jump our 2ic played hockey for Gt Britain.

    Do they still play Deck Hockey?? :bball:
  3. Spam javelin perhaps??
    :thumright: :thumright:
  4. Don't forget Underwater Knife-fighting!

    See this Rubber Dagger here, casually giving some orange bastard the good news of the coast off Ganners. VC for sure.

  5. RMR can train in any of the SQ/AQs available to Regulars, I believe.
    See the Det Clerk for information regarding availability of courses.
    UWKF (Underwater Knife Fighter 2) is only available to JNCOs and above, there is an acqaint available from the RMFTS (Royal Marines Float Test Squadron) on a first come first served basis.
  6. So you can train in any specialization no matter what your geographic location?
    Hey thats great, I just thought specific specialties would be spread out to certain areas

    By reactions above Im guessing the RM doesn't use the Javelin (FGM-148)??
    I thought it replaced the Milan throughout the British forces. Then again, I have been out of the loop for quite some time, left army 8 years ago. Interested to know however.
  7. it does use the javelin mate. Phased out milan in anti tanks a couple of years back.
  8. RMR Tyne is a sniper unit, has a good reputation with in the RMR and the Regs

    whats your location? cause im waiting to go back to rmrm tyne come august. thats when the next selection is.
  9. Yep and also has Mne Alan Hinkes who is the first Brit to have climbed all of the worlds 8000m Peaks including Everest, K2 etc. Oh and he's an international mountain guide and all round good egg aswell!!

  10. My location is Tyne also m8.

    Ill not be applying until next summer. In the process of getting Fit. Need to work hard on my running and drop some fat.

    Rest assured, unless injury or other drastic occurance I will be there to give it my best shot :]
  11. good good might i suggest the rising sun country park for some running there is a lovely hill in the centre called helga she really is a bitch :)
  12. Why not phone your local detachment?. They'll answer your question in person.
  13. career recruit - got all of the hills I can manage just now. Live very near Penshaw Monument.


    I like posting here m8 and hearing it from the horses mouth

    When I joined the Army back in the mid 90's I was brainwashed with TV adverts featuring Frank. The bastard would ski down mountains and play footy and do loads of other great things that I fell for in my gullible youth.
    Of course the army was nothing like Frank said it was. For years if I saw him Id have shot him!!

    Hence like hearing it from the horses mouth. :afro:
  14. nice comparison of horses and royal marine types, there is alot of similaritys lol

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