DNA can be replicated

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by flymo, Aug 20, 2009.

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  1. So, the Government\police are building up a database of DNA so that they can finger perps when there is a crime.
    OK, I can see the reasoning of this. An extension of fingerprints.
    Now they are keeping the DNA from people who have not been charged and thus innocent (think Tory MP who has just had his DNA record removed from this database).

    Now it has been "proven" (my quotes) that DNA can be replicated so long as there is a master to copy from:


    Yeah Gods, that means that if this DNA database becomes complete, "they" can stitch anyone up with any crime. Sorry mate, your DNA has been found all over this sticky copy of The Labour Party Manifesto....
  2. I am one of the inncoent 1s, got arrested for a crime i did not commit, let me go with no charge, took me DNA, it will proboblies be on the file for life
  3. Here is a link ref removing your DNA from the database:

  4. I might ask them to wipe out my DNA, doubt they will do it though
  5. Most of you feckers probs not got a mother...but if you are son's of bitches, they got your DNA the day you pushed your scrawny arses into the world;
    Wanna feck up the database?....change your DNA...get a bone marrow transplant...just make sure you check the POCA list first, ensure the donor aint dodgy!
  6. I am actually in a position (behind this computer screen) whereby I can delete all traces of your DNA given your name and some other details 8O

    One of my less well kept secrets ;)
  7. Will need to check if I can borrow the shotgun first though! :lol:

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