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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by lsadirty, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. For some reason the Jack Dusties on SSNs always used to get a Seaman Officer as Supply Officer (and always because Casing Officer and other Seaman-like jobs had been grabbed previous).
    Lieutenat F....... on VALIANT was a nice chap, but on one of his OOW turns, he made a total bollox out of a simple submarine evolution, which led John Coward to give a snort of disgust, and turn around and say "Stupid Boy".
    Forever after, he was known to all as Lieutenant Pike. Any others ??
  2. Our WEO (my DO) was an ex REA!! nuff said.
    He would sit on the the 'roundabout' (the seat fitted to the after 'peep stick' with a motor under it that could be engaged into the after peep stick
    switched on leaving the OOW free from hand drallic operation) WEO bless!! kept his torch clipped to his arse pocket on his trolleys making it and obvious target for the panel watchkeeper as he swept around and past him. The panel watchkeeper would switch the torch on and in black lighting it looked like a lighthouse as WEO went round and around.
    One day about one in the morning boat at PD WEO on the attack scope reporting all he saw panel watchkeeper turned WEO's torch on minutes before the Skipper entered the Control Room. As he entered he bellowed switch that f**ing torch off. WEO not taking his eyes away from the binocks on the peepstick bellowed "yes turn that torch off".
    Collapsed control room team what a muppet.
    Well done Ginge Battersbe the panel watchkeeper for making my time on the after planes a hoot!!
  3. Did my time as S&S DO, rotten job but somebbody had to do it. Knew John Coward, and I must admit he was not my most favorite Jimmy. Some officers see promotion as the most important thing in life and he was one of them.
  4. My D.O on Captains Defaulters Quote " The last time James was before you I spoke up for him;- but! he has let me down and you down and I recomend him for the highist possible punishment"" I did not ask him round at tot time.

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