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Can anybody tell me how to access obsolete publications within the MoD, namely BR1066 and AP100T-0100? I know BRd3 supersedes but in order to represent an individual's grievance, I need to satisfy myself eligibility for promotion (going back to 2011) was correct iaw the rules at the time of the dispute. If it can be proved, seniority can be backdated. Just for info, this person is an AB2 and has been for 4 years! I personally cannot understand how after 4 years nobody has stood by this individual, therefore I would like to do the right thing and help out.

If I can get the old rules, I will hopefully build a case to represent this person. If not then unfortunately seniority can only be backdated to the date when BRd3 was first published.

All help welcome!


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6718. Transitional Rules – Treatment of Ratings Selected for Promotion on CPD 31 Mar
08 and Before
These rules are archived in BR 1066 Change 19.
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