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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Vivid_Diver, Jul 25, 2008.

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  1. Are you an active recreational, commercial or ex police/military diver? If yes, then the RNR diving branch wants YOU!

    The branch has been open to civilian volunteers (rather than ex-regulars only) for a year now and is still eager for new recruits. The first 6 people have just gone through the Underwater Search and basic EOD phase.

    Only certain RNR units seem to be proliferating the info regarding branch entry requirments and intro weekends etc.
    So to clear things up for anybody who is interested......

    Entry Requirements-
    1) Open to all ratings between 18 and 45 (male and female) who have a recognised diving qualification to the level of BSAC Ocean/PADI OW level
    2) Pass an RN diving medical
    3) Pass a Divers Selection Test

    To expand on the above a little. Despite certain rumours, there is no requirement to have been AWFP (or Seaman RES etc.) for 2 years before joining. We are just as keen to hear from people in New Entry.
    The Divers Selection test does require quite a high fitness standard, but it's well within reach if you put the training in.

    If you want to challenge yourself and be part of this close knit and highly motivated team then we would like to hear from you. The RNR website will be getting updated shortly with more info, but go to http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/server/show/ConWebDoc.13072 for the most recent article and contact details.

    Any questions to this post I will answer as best I can.
  2. Hi - Im curious as to whether this role qualifies for Diving pay and also what the daily rate is for Diving pay. Im being demobbed from the Army and not too excited about returning to my old role in the RLC(TA) but dont want to take a massive cut from increment 8 to 1 by swapping service.
  3. Hi - As for diving pay the answer is yes, we are entitled. However, due to ongoing JPA issues only one of us has actually received it so far. I am waiting to see to which diving pay band I will go on, so I can't give you the figures yet. (I'm hoping at least Cat 2)
    As for keeping your pay level when you transfer - I know the ex-regular RN clearance divers did, but as you are transfering in from the army then I can't give you the answer until I do some further research. All the ex army volunteers we have had, have been outside for some time already, so this hasn't been an issue yet - but I will look into it.
    http://www2.army.mod.uk/linkedfiles/rtmc/pay__administration/pay_rates_apr08.pdf Here is a link to current diving rates, although you may have already seen this.
  4. Thanks - I might take a wander along to HMS Scotia via the careers office for an interview (with coffee for a change).
  5. Scotia is a good place to start, three of our new guys are based there. If you can ask to speak to them, then that would probably be beneficial. Otherwise contact Lt Cmdr McAlear ([email protected]) directly if you don't have any joy with the careers people. (they may not know much about the branch's specific joining requirements)
    All the best.
  6. Ooooooo,can i do my MUFF Diving course now then?
  7. In a spirit of pure enquiry, is it the same Diver Selection Test that MCD's do?
  8. You cant teach that - although I do have some interesting instructional footage. :p
  9. Initially, No - we had to pass the old Ship's Divers test. Same 1.5mile run times, but less pull ups and tricep dips.
    Now with the latest reg changes (ship's divers have gone from all the documentation now) we have to pass the same test - 1.5 mile squad run followed immediately by 1.5 miles in under 10:30, then 8 pull ups, 16 dips and 40 situps in a minute.
    I wouldn't compare our training with MCDs though. We don't have to do the 20 weeks of thrashing.
  10. If you meant do we do a full Pre-Diving Acquaint course (PEDA) then the answer is no. Not having done a PEDA, I can't say how it differs, but our selection test is 3 days, which I think is shorter than the regulars for a start.
  11. Bugger - I broke my wrist eighteen months ago and still cant do a single pull up - hasnt stopped me diving (apart from that year of re-hab) or getting in and out of RIBs but criteria are criteria - guess its the Infantry for me - at least for a while. :roll: I will still take a turn down and see what the script is.
  12. As an aside, why is it ratings only? I know of many officers with at least the minimum sports diving qualifications required, and a fair few who exceed them.
  13. The officer billets for the branch have already been filled (there was only ever four). However, ex-MCDOs can still join.
  14. My question was more that if they need more qualified divers, why care what their rank or rate is if they can do the job, as it were, of a rating diver?
  15. A valid point, but the Navy just doesn't work like that. The branch, like any other branch, has an approved rank structure.
    I think it would cause significant integration problems with the the Navy's diving teams if we started sending Lt and Lt Cmdrs to fill AB Divers' billets -no matter how willing the Officers are.
  16. I suppose someone, somewhere has to weigh up the benefits of similar branch structure against the disadvantage of not using skills available. Perhaps it'll all change around in a few years - these things seem to go in cycles. I recall there was a time when it didn't matter how fluent you were in the language du jour, you had to be an officer for the relevant branch to make use of you. I understand that's not entirely the case these days (although I stand by to be corrected - keeping up with the RNR branch structures can be a tricky business).
  17. I think you will find that it is not open to females (as in the RN)
  18. Read the first post of the thread. It is indeed open to females (link) because the role is closer to the Ship's Diver using compressed air than the Clearance Diver using closed-circuit breathing apparatus with esoteric gas mixtures. This does not set a precedent as we have had WRNR Ship's Divers in the past. The article below was published in Jan 1990:

  19. From the photograph it's obvious that their weight-training worked a treat :thumright:

  20. Bergs - I hope you're not being ungallant. Dry bags can be terribly unflattering, with or without suit inflation. That's why I tended to leave my full-length mirror back at base whenever I had to don one. The lady in this photo is wearing a more fetching wetsuit and old-style RN SABA. The photo was taken at the top of the mining trials tank at HMS Vernon in 1966 but I will spare the lady's blushes by not disclosing her name or other details here. Suffice it to say that she became a keen sub aqua diver after her introductory dip.


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