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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by The_Utter_Bastard, Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. Long time reader, first time poster, be gentle.

    Im set to enter BRNC in April this year in the X(SM) branch. As much as Im thrilled to be getting my hands on one of those of those strange sinking boats Ive been told I'll be sailing in, Im also quite interested in the diving branch.

    The obvious question follows; is there anyone out there with a pair of dolphins who has gone on to qualify as a diver, either as diving officer on a boat or as part of a diving squadron, or knows any similar tales. I was talking about it to another surface fleet guy who seemed to think it was (very) unlikely.

    Any info would be cracking - Cheers, TUB.

    p.s. Thanks for helping me pass AIB RumRation :wink:
  2. you can be a ships diver, which is a special extra course and gets you more cash. If you want to be a proper diver (clearance diver) then you have to change to that specific branch and leave submarines.
    Going down in a tin can is much warmer that going down in rubber...
  3. Got it, cheers. I gather that officers wanting to transfer to clearance diving have to have at least 1 tour on a ship/submarine before they can do the full clearance diving switch. My big question is how willing the powers that be are to grant qualified submarine warfare officers a shift into clearance diving, given factors like competition, shortage of SM warfare officers etc.

    Im really just angling to see how easy/difficult it is to sub-specialize once you are in the fleet doing a certain job.

    Thanks for the reply though! TUB
  4. Welcome to RR Utter Bastard :grin:
  5. Ship's divers no longer exist !!!!!
    Only RN Divers are CD
  6. As I recall there are still opportunities for submariners to do the course as there is an enduring requirement.
  7. Warfare officers can specialise as mine clearance diving officers (X(MCD)), this is normally once they've completed their initial training, CFT, YOFB, SFT and first complement appointment.

    X(MCD) will go to sea on MCM vessels, as a bridge watchkeeper. I think it's highly unlikely that an X(SM) officer will be able to become X(MCD) especially given the shortage of X(SM)

    Was SM your first choice or was that offered because you didn't get a high enough score at AIB for X (GS)??
  8. Nope. First choice was WAFU, made it as far as the final medical after passing AIB, dropped on poor eyesight. Asked to be re-streamed for (X)SM and here I am, due for entry in 32 days.
  9. So they gave you a step up then ;)
  10. Your chances of going from X(SM) to X(MCD) are remote and if you did there would be next to no chance of ever going back. I always thought the whole point of being a member of the "Master Race" was to aspire to have a command. If you don't want to do that you might as well do a proper job like Engineer or Loggie!!! :twisted:
  11. I got my start date too for April 23rd... drafty put me into Observer branch which was my 2nd choice to pilot. I guess it'l do! Dont suppose you had a letter from London AFCO about a run ashore 5th April?

    If not, see you on the train to totnes!
  12. Run ashore?! I havn't heard anything about it, but feel free to expand on the details! My ACLO's a guy from Flying Fox in Bristol instead of London. PM me what you know though.

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