Diving in Bastion!

MoD website 16 Aug 2012 said:
Sappers from 26 Engineer Regiment have been taking part in the first ever ocean divers course to be taught in the Afghan desert.

The ten students, none of whom have dived before, are being taught by Captain Mick Stewart at the Royal Engineer diver training facility in Camp Bastion. The three-metre-deep dive tank holds up to 70,000 litres of water and can accommodate two students at a time...
The Defence Diving School (DDS) at Horsea Island is so-called because trainees are from the RN and the Army.


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Mr Karon was obese, had high blood pressure, a high cholesterol reading and chronic kidney disease. He had been prescribed statins and also suffered from Raynaud’s syndrome – where the vascular system responds to cold by shutting down the circulation in the extremities. An open verdict was recorded at the inquest in to Mr Karon’s death in 2010 but coroner Michael Johnston said the deceased had a severe heart condition which meant he could have ‘dropped dead at any minute’ and should have been referred to his GP before diving................. Looks like he was on borrowed time anyway Janner and he was only 54.
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