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Diving - civvy Scubadoo and RN stuff.


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There is currently a diver's 'love in' going in another thread. So, as one of the guilty parties, I have begun this thread so that divers (that's air, nitrox and mixed gas divers - NOT M**F) can bore each other with dits or even helpful information.

Possibly this thread will encourage people to take up diving as part of AT (Adventurous Training), answer some diving related questions and maybe even the CDs will play nice and help out!

I owe my diving career to the RN, as despite always having wanted to dive, I began by becoming a Ship's Diver and later Supervisor. I am also a BSAC First Class Diver and Advanced Instructor and was a SADS though let it lapse due to no longer diving with Service personnel.

Still diving now in southern Spain - very lucky to have some of southern mainland Spain's best diving literally on my doorstep.

So, in your own time, with a backward flip (CLEAR!) go.


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I hoped you'd put that link up!

Every year we pop over the the Canaries, as it is cheap as chips. Last time we were in Lanzarote, this park was half finished. Now it is done and I can'r wait to give it a bash!

PS the 'little girl' in the bow of the boat is the dive centre owner's daughter (Rubicon diving) - not a lot of people know that!!


How do you get into diving in the RN? (Without simply joining as a diver)

It was something i had a brief look for previously, but as ill be *fingers-crossed) going in as an ETME(SM) it obviously isnt part of the job description.

Can you pick it up on the side? If so, how does that work?


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Do you mean diving as a trade, or diving as an adventure sport?

For the former, there is no way now, as 'they' removed the requirements for Ship's Divers some years ago.
For the latter, ask your PTI. Each major shore area has a dive club and will organise training local area dives and expeds. Top tip - to get the most out of joining a service club, get a civvy qual first - possibly while on holiday. It will save you a lot of time and make you a more useful member of the branch, though depending on your diving qual, you may need a tiny bit of cross training.

All military diving clubs use the BSAC training and club model.


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I treat diving like parachuting. I wouldn't see any reason to leave a perfectly serviceable plane, the same there is no reason to leave a serviceable boat:po_O;)


Do you mean diving as a trade, or diving as an adventure sport?

The latter. I'm pretty set on my trade now.

Top tip - to get the most out of joining a service club, get a civvy qual first - possibly while on holiday. It will save you a lot of time and make you a more useful member of the branch, though depending on your diving qual, you may need a tiny bit of cross training.

Well, I was asking because I was wanting to pick it up, and thinking it might be easier to do through the navy, but if it's easier to do it separately, then I'll just look into that.

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Asasioun (and any others interested!). Training to dive by joining a club can be a slow process, though it will be 'virtually' free - only the cost of club membership. For several months you will not be a 'useful' member of the club and you will not be going diving, as you have not completed your training.

Therefore the quickest, easiest and most productive way is to go on holiday somewhere nice and warm, pay for a diving course and actually do some diving. You will then be in possession of a card that says you can dive - to a limited degree.

Then after, or maybe even during, Part 2 training, you can bimble across to the establishment dive club (the Portsmouth area one is in Collingwood, was Wednesday night) as a 'qualified' diver. You may need to do a few cross-over lectures but you will be able to go on club dives immediately.

Remember that if you learn to dive somewhere warm and sunny, with clear, warm blue water - the UK is somewhat different...... but brilliant.

If you are lucky enough to end up at Faslane, it is possible to roll out of bed, get in the car and be doing a 30m shore dive from the side of the road - inside 20 minutes!
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