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Wondered if anyone could help? I've applied to be a MC Diver, done the treadmill run and am waiting for the tests and the aquaint. i have been told it could take 6 months until the aquaint which gives me sometime to improve my fitness (it's already pretty good but who doesn't want to be better?). :eek:
Just wondered on the fitness test are the pull ups over hand grip (if not it seems stupidly easy), and are the sit ups with held feet or feet free? Also any other things to look out for on the aquaint?
I know thats quite alot but any help would be great!


To answer your questions:
1. They are underarm grip. Aim to do more than 10, you won't impress the staff with less than 10, the pass mark is 8.
2. They are feet held, fingers just above ears.

You need to do 16 dips, aim for 20. Mile and a half run in 10:30 i think, aim for under 9 minutes. Get used to swimming in fins.

I made a really in depth post on here about the acquaint. If you use the search function you will find it, or go to my profile and search through my posts.

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