Diving and rugby, could do both?

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by duggers20, Aug 9, 2008.

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  1. Hey all was wondering could i play rugby for a ships team, also aswell could i join the RN diving club aswell.

    Many thanks.
  2. You've asked for it tonight mate.

    Stand by..........
  3. Yes, and yes.

    Can you play Rugby? What standard? What position?

    Can you dive? What standard?
  4. Tick the boxes on your joining routine, when you get to the PTI (Ha ha PTIs on ships, get the lardy feckers off their asses and dancin' the Hornpipe asap) or ships equivalent ask about sports stuff then.
    If you show stacks of enthusiasm he may make you Captain of the Sports Locker and then you can spend your off duty hours untangling Volleyball nets and cleaning the claret and snot off of the ships boxing glove (The singular is intentional).
  5. You can join as many clubs you want to. You just have to have the time off to do everything.

    P.S. bloody stoopid ? most divers are a fit as a flea and do any sport going.
  6. Duggers, if you so wish, you can play rugby for ship/area/command, Dive with the SAC (subaqua club) paddle with the Canoe club, play footy inter dep/ship/service, Box, play badminton, shoot, row, sail, and swim. You may have some calendar clashes, and occasionally have to go to work or course, but training establishments are the place to get on.

    PS, dont mind Higs (when he eventually leaves his mark), he's on one tonight.....
  7. Underwater Rugby, now there's a novel idea
  8. No, it wouldn't be allowed.
  9. Metocman please explain why he shouldn,t be able to do what he wants.

    Go on dare you :argue:
  10. I have known some naval medical officers take an extremely dim view of divers indulging in boxing owing to the risk of incurring neural damage. Any service diver who has lost consciousness for even a short period may find themself failing their diving medical owing to the unpredictable effects such an injury (being KO'd is a brain injury) might have when they are breathing gas mixtures, including air, under pressure. While this might not be regarded as a serious problem for a recreational diver, it could be construed as self-inflicted injury for a professional naval diver and would be tantamount to making themself unfit to dive.
  11. WOW so many respones, pretty impressed keep it up :farao:
  12. N_G - Brain damage / Naval Diver; both in one comment........ and I am definitely not about to point out the obvious juxtaposition :thumright:

    The answer to Duggers' question is better not mix Rugby and Diving; it's hard to kick for touch when you're wearing flippers [ :bball: ]

    RM :thumright:
  13. Should invent underwater rugby.
  14. Who?

    Edit rather than explain? Poor show.
  15. How about a compromise: water polo (alias water rugger) :biggrin:

    Diving: well keeping your head above water and the fleshy protrusions sticking out of the side of your head still attached would be the first challenge. You'd dive a bit, and would be wearing part diving gear (swimming trunks and rubber lid) plus you would be in the (warmish) water. You wouldn't get all muddy. No boots to be de-mudded, kit to be scrubbed and little risk to your manhood! ;) Then again, maybe not :roll:

    How about crochet? :dwarf:

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