Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Stirlin, Jan 22, 2016.

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  1. If you continue to use ONLY African american actors in your music videos/promos do not expect any sympathy if no none whites are nominated for Oscars , have they ever considered that maybe an actors performance is not good enough to be nominated ?. Denzil Washington is the finest black actor of his generation IMO and he has shown he can cover a variety of roles being nominated on a couple of occasions , but if he continues the path of action movies (his choice) he will not get a gong. As in this country non white sport stars /media are well represented and receive welcome awards , it is only 'luvvies' who kick up a stink. Correct me if I am wrong but I have never come across an Asian actor in this country bleating on about lack of roles/awards.
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  2. I have always believed(mistakenly it turns out) that Oscars or any other "luvvy" award were given on merit rather than the colour of a person's skin. I now learn that the organisers of said awards are expected to include all ethnic classes for the sake of balance. In most cases the public has no input as to which film/actor etc. receive nominations so it is left to industry insiders to decide the nominees. So it is these people who are being called racist( in a round about manner) for failing to name a single black nominee. I have no idea which films were selected nor do I have clue who has supposedly been overlooked for a nomination but it has left me pondering that in the future if I see an actor nominated are they there on merit or to make up the numbers on ethnic spread.
  3. Did anyone ever consider participants in "Hands to Flying Stations" for an Oscar? I can't remember the ethnicity of anyone involved, but I still remember the title!
  4. The Oscars never been about merit it's who you know in the film industry and how pander to them. Also the oscars are just a massive circlejerk like any other media award show
  5. I don't think it's racist no candidates from minority groups were nominated in the same way I don't think it's racist that I haven't seen a white man win the 100m in a long time.
    I do find it strange Straight out of Compton didn't receive at least a nomination for best picture. It was certainly one of the biggest and in my view best films of the year. I certainly woudnt have expected it to win though.
  6. To kick up a racist shitstorm..... not that it interests me but...... you have the MOBO's (Music of Black Origin) awards... would there be an outcry if there was a MOWO (Music of White Origins) ???? just a thought...and i am probably expecting a load of abuse inbound.. just a thought about it. !! thoughts please .... i just enjoy listening to music... and a lot of it being Tamla Motown.
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  7. On a different track, I went out to a large Manufacturer of Military Transport aircraft in the States. Near the canteen there was two walls dedicated to Female Engineer of the Month/Year and Black Engineer of the Month/Year. I think in this modern world where everybody is equal we should bin all this stuff. If somebody is good slip a bonus in their pay packet. Where will is end? Gay Engineer, Ginger Engineer, Underage Engineer, Imigrant Engineer.......

    Im fed up of filling quotas :(
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  8. Idris Elba should have got a nom for his portrayal of the Commandant in Beasts of No Nation but we cannot have an Englishman winning best actor two years in a row now can we. Having said that Eddie Redmayne is up again for The Danish Girl , Redmayne is white.
  9. It's actually to do with the rules of nomination, one of the rules is that the film must be first shown on the big screen not on a streaming services/internet. I find it funny people jumping to conclusions about the nominations without having a clue on how it works.
  10. Maybe if people were not quoted as Black Actor..., Gay Actor.... things may be a bit different.
  11. I agree every time I got to fill in forms, I always put down straight or don't want to say in sexuailty because I don't want to feel like I got in or got something to fill in a quota.
  12. What grips my shit is the BBC bias towards afro/english afro/carib english over asian/english and white , vox pop on news is predominantly ask afro/carib their view first , then white usually ignoring asian altogether when the asian population of the UK is double that of afro/english afro/carib combined. Similarly with adverts , more than 3 peeps in an advert one HAS to be of black origin , where are the asians ? , mixed relationships in ads are ALL of white/black...no asians , it has got so bad that any alien visiting this country watching the box would be convinced that the UK population was 50% white , 50% black. In my view it all boils down to asians integrating well into society and quite happy with their lot , a handfull of afro/english afro carib english media/luvvie/popstars stirring the shit about representation has swayed TV companies to prioritise the smallest minority the biggest chunk of pie.
  13. Its the same the world over. Here in a few weeks the indigenous all stars will take on a world all stars team in rugby league with major sponsorship coverage etc. But if there was a plan to set up an Anglo-Celtic all stars team there would be absolute hell on.
  14. What exactly do you mean by 'asian' as I would say afro caribs have integrated a lot better than those Asians from the sub continent.
    If you mean say oriental asians (not sure how to word that better despite my wife being of Vietnamese ancestry) then I think thats a strange one as some integrate very well while a large group don't really integrate at all but their communities just keep themselves to themselves and nobody is really bothered by that.
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  15. It's always puzzled me why the septics like to segregate themselves into separate groups of origin, e.g. African Americans, Italian Americans, Irish Americans blah blah blah.

  16. ... and American Americans

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  17. Denzel Washington, three Golden Globe awards, one Tony and two Oscars! What's that about not getting a gong? I'm sure he his happy to rest on those laurels.
    Google could be your friend and, in this case at least, you need a friend.
  18. Have been a fan of Denzil since his St Elsewhere days so do not need Google to follow his achievements , recently he has gone the action route , happy with his lot as you say. I have one friend , more than enough.

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