Diversity and Snowflakes


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I have no idea as to what in today's parlance a Snowflake is and can't be arsed to find out. When you've spent 60 odd years speaking your mother tongue in it's infinite variety it is sometimes difficult to avoid coming out with something that offends however unintentionally. The acceptable boundaries seem to change on an almost daily basis with once common words being condemned to the haunted wing of the OED and other words being hijacked and being used in hitherto untried areas
I was going to supply examples to demonstrate my case but it may have caused offence so I will leave it to the reader to make up their own.

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There appears to be several interpretations of the phrase "snowflake", but the one which I am most acquainted with is a "pejorative" term relating to the millennial generation ie those teens and twenty-somethings which we as a generation have nurtured.

"Snowflake" is used as a metaphor to describe a generation of overly sensitive (liberal) kids who have been raised to believe in their own uniqueness and individualism, yet fail to equipped with the resilience needed to confront and withstand the challenges of the real world.

So, rather than shape up and develop the moral character needed, they instead insist upon adopting a censorious approach of seeking protection from those things that they consider to be "extreme".

Examples of this mentality in action have included lectures from people such as Peter Tatchell and Germaine Greer being boycotted, on the grounds of students seeking a safe-space from these people and their "extremist" views.

My brother who has a particularly good way of describing this, "as unique as a snowflake floating in the sky, but only to melt as soon as they hit the ground!".

Is it a generalisation; undoubtedly. But there must be some basis for it.

If it is a product of political correctness running amok, we could have real problems looking ahead.

My concern is that if they can't grow up and get a sense of perspective, then as a society we're all going to be in dire straits, the minute we are confronted with an enemy which regards such notions as irrelevant and self-indulgent.

And if we are all absorbed with tip-toeing around and being keen not to step on other people's sensitive toes, we may just miss the ugly b*gger who comes along and seriously beats us up....

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