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just past my PJFT at the weekend. thats the easy bit done. now lets train for the hard bit!
I know that on the diver course they have you running up and down the mud flats at horsea.

1)does any body know what its done in eg a sweat your ass off dry suit or boots and combats?

2)if it is a dry suit, does the dry suit have boots or socks were you have to put on rock hopper boots?

3)if i am in the wrong forum for this please help me with which forum to go to.

dogfish :razz:
dogfish - The mud runs in Portchester or Fareham Creek are normally done in neprene dry suits, known as 'dry bags', which have bootees incorporated. The thicker dry bags are known as 'unisuits'. The going will be tough to begin with but that's when the tough get going! As you build up stamina, you will also learn the technique of 'skating' across the mud without sinking into it too much, unless you slow down, stop or resort to crawling.

This technique will come in handy when you are clearing firing/bombing ranges and searching for (and carrying) items of ordnance - shells, bombs, etc. - on large beaches when the tide's out. The secret is to keep moving. You get so warm that you can't wait to get under that water to cool off afterwards. Dehydration can be a problem, particularly on hot days, so you should be given plenty of opportunities to top up your liquids.
thanx for the info, here is the next technical question are the bootess neoprene lined or just rubber?
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