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Divers section?


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As they are general service, then I would imagine that they are not FAA or Submariners. Yep, Fleet, but I don't think they are doing a separate forum for each branch at the moment. Mainly because it takes too long to teach a gunner to type.....2......3......4.....

Bad CO

To be honest, we're open to suggestions on additional boards or renaming the existing ones. It would be nice if there was a general consensus though.
Enlighten me ,i know that the RN had divers,deep types but they used to have ships divers from any branch,do they still exist or is it all one divers branch now?

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Yes, they still have ship's divers, well they did in 2004! But that is open to the serving females, unlike the actual diver branch.
I wonder how much the doing away with ships divers apparently saved, and how much it has actually cost.

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