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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Obelix, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. Hi

    I'll shortly be joining as a Clearance Diver (acquaint on 21 May), and was wondering if many of the divers play rugby.

    Reason I'm asking is due to my concern about rugby joint/ligament injuries and increased susceptibility to the bends. Not that I give too much of a shit about the technicalities, would just like to hear from other divers if playing is condoned...
  2. Hi obelix. First time on forum? What has rugby got to do with the bends???? Am civi nurse, who dives and lives for rugby??? Joint/ligament injuries best seen by a physiotherapist! Has nothing to do with diving? OK?
  3. Sorry Obelix im not a Diver but if you feel the bends coming on, drop the ball
    and come to the surface in a slow but controlled manner !!
  4. LOL Moondog x
  5. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I remember reading (on this site some time back) a potential diver discouraged because he had torn his ACL or something in the past, with the other person saying that he would be medically unfit to dive because that injury increased his susceptibility to getting bent in that knee.

    Had me worried about my ruggers ever since.

    Although if you promise me I'm talking bullsh*t, I'll be all the happier!
  6. ...but if your side is winning then take the ball to the surface with you!! :wink:

    But seriously, good luck.
  7. Divers generally don't play rugby. It has absolutley nothing to do with joints / ligaments or increased susceptability to the bends or any other form of decompression illness. The true fact of the matter is that divers don't have time to play competitive sport as they are far too busy conducting self-maintenance including tanning, hair brushing and being a right bunch of prima-donna big girl's blouses.
  8. No real change over the past 20 or so years that I have noticed, except and sort of aligned to rugby players becoming pro-sportsmen, they have become professional at preening themselves like peacocks.

    Still, rather them than me.....
  9. Whem I did my Ships divers course at Horsea lake back when Joannas was open. The course staff (all CD's) were the most primo donna bunch I have ever met.All hair gel and snazzy badges on their blue PTI type sweat shirts. They make para's and 29 CDO RA look humble.Good I hated swimming jackstays.
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Get a copy of "AFCO form5" from your local AFCO-it lists medical conditions which cannot be accepted. Think you'll find torn ACL can be a bar to entry, but speak to the Doctor if in doubt.
    (Moondog-brilliant answer mate!)
  11. Rugby's fine, I was told that i'm not allowed to box because of the repeated blows to the head. Don't even think about playing whilst you are going through training. It isn't worth the risk, one injury and it's goodnight Vienna!

    Must dash, it's time for my manicure. 8)
  12. Surely repeated blows to the head are a pre-requiste to becoming a bubblehead?? :p :p
  13. Oi buggers!!!!!

    If I was a primadonna, I'd have been asking about football!

    Yip moondog, one of the sharpest answers I've had.

    Scaleyfins, you still in as a diver?
  14. Get in there ob, Lots of work for you after the navy has paid for your training and you have a few years at a diving team. With hindsight I think I wish I had taken that option.
  15. Not a diver yet. I got injured while I was on course and i'm waiting to get back in to the thick of it :)

    Nelson - Luckily the brylcreem cushions the blows to the top of the skull! One of my mess mates does actually wear make-up to make himself better looking - safeguard! :?
  16. Would have thought that the risk of a broken nose or cheek bone and the consequent risk to the Sinus and breathing difficulties was more of a problem than joint problems. I knew an SD Diver once who got thumped in a locals pub in Dartnouth; he had his cheekbone broken and was very concerned that this was the end of his diving career.
  17. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    One of the Guys I used to play Rugby with in the RM fleet team was a navy Diver and an animal...hint....He also was a field gunner and p1sshead...didn't stop him diving, all round good egg.
  18. :p :p :p :p 8O
  19. Yes Deeps, looking very forward to getting in and on with it. Almost went and did a commercial diving course before deciding on CD, now hoping that I settle into it well enough that I can make more of a career of it than just the minimum 4yrs. Having said that, I do know a diver in the North Sea right now earning £900 a day! But stuff it, money's not everything... (says me who's not married :roll: )

    So Scaleyfins, you're saying that if I get injured during my diver training, they will back-class me for another go, as in the Marines? Thought for a moment there you said that a single major injury means curtains to one's prospects as a diver.

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