Diver sight

IAW the diving manual

pop down to your local swimming pool.

deep breath

hold it

under you go

can you see a bikini from 10 yards

can you see clump outline from 5 yards

can you see the shaving rash from 2 yards

still holding

your in shippers


War Hero
Minimum standards as follows for Diver:

Visual Acuity (VA) Standard 2

VA without correcting lenses: RIGHT (R) 6/24 LEFT (L) 6/36
VA with Correcting lenses: R 6/6 N5, L 6/9 N5

Refraction Limit

Spectacle correction (in any meridian) +3.00 Sphere/ -2.50 sphere or cyl BOTH.

Haven't got a clue what it means- but your optician will understand it.

Welcome to Rum Ration, by the way.

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