Diver or AET?

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hi all
I started my application last september, I got nearly all the way through, I wanted to join as a MC Diver. I was givern my dates for the diver aquaints course. Then whilst going about my job as a HGV driver I was involved in an incident with another car, the police got involved and I had to withdraw my application, I got a letter last week saying that the police are not going to take the matter any further. great I thought!, I went back to the AFCO to continue my application to be told that there is no spaces and that they had completey pulled my application! I want to join that I am sure of! I have been told that the RT test lasts for 3yrs and the medical and PJFT should still stand.
I am 31yrs old and pretty fit, do I say ok and reapply and wait till next year for a space on the Diver Aquaince course (DAC) or go for a different trade? I was thinking about going for AET if I did not make the grade on the DAC when I went for it the first time round.
any suggestions would be greatfull.
thanx dogfish

Ps I was upset with the guy in the office :angry4: , so I decided to think about it and then go back to the office and say ok this is what I want to do.
that sounds pretty blood boiling lol , well if you really want to be a MC Diver then you should wait but if you are choosing between the two i.e(you dont prefer one to the other) i would go for the AET, when i started my application process i didnt no weather to go for a WS or Seaman specialist but the waiting list for the WS was 3 month but was 13month for the other so i took that ... but its all on what you really want to do mate ..
Sorry to hear about that dogfish mate, seems you got the shitty end of the stick there! To be honest mate, if you really want to be MCD and you really think you can do it, personally I reckon you should wait it out. You dont want to spend your career wondering what could have been and wishng you had done something different. Saying that though, the max age for a diver is 33 I think so be careful you dont miss the age barrier, tho i reckon you will be ok.

Ive been considering joining as a diver for a while, but feeling slightly torn between joining now, or going to uni and then joining afterwards.decisions decisions! lol. Anyway all the best mate, let us know what you decide and how you get on.



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Well its all down to you mate do you want to be a Diver enough to wait it out? if that's what you really want to do then you should, If you like the sounds of AET as much and are happy to do that, then go for it, but at the end of the day only you can decide.

Try looking up Pros and Con's of both and see if that helps you make your decision.
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