diver fitness tests!!!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by dogfish, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. hi all
    I am in the process of join the mob as a diver. the other day the AFCO phone and said that i am on my diver aquaintance course in may ( put in for september bit of a shock :shock: ).
    can any body help me me with
    1)they type of fitness tests that you do? and the scores you need to get?
    2)what you do on the course?
    any advice would be great.
  2. Learning to hold your breath for about half an hour should help :lol:
  3. If you can run you will be fine
  4. And learn to swim that will help
  5. hi
    thanx guys...
    Honestly am i in the wrong forum.....? I tried on the newbies side and did not get any response. thats why i came over to here.

  6. We don't give a toss what forum you post in matey, it's the prefects that get their panties in a bunch over that sort of thing.
  7. From what I can remember from when I was on small ships who are always crawling with CD's.

    The Divers Provisional Fitness Test (DPFT) consists of:

    2.4Km warm-up run in 15 Mins

    2.4Km run in under 10 1/2 Mins

    8 chin ups

    40 flat bench trunk curls in 1 Min

    16 Dips

    Hope that helps
  8. thanx
    what are bench trunk curls? sorry if i seem thick
    and the dips i take it thats hands on the bench feet on the floor?
  9. I think trunk curls are what we call sit-ups

    as for the dips, I think they are on parallel bars

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