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diver acquaint course

Just got off the phone with the carres office.

They have just informed me of my acquaint dates and wanting to go prepeired I thought I would post this for all who will attend.

Anyone got any iders what happens on the 2 day course????

dogfish :razz:
any body?
i have been book in for may, I wanted to go in september but the AFCO told me i was booked in for may. i just want to be prepaired fro the course thats all.
can anybody help!
I'm gonna focus on doing a lot of 2 - 3 mile runs. I'll supplement this wis one or two session of interval training (pyramids) on the local rugby pitch per week. Then some gym, but only as an afterthought, cos it seems the acqaint focuses mostly on fitness more than strength.

If you start training now, you should be fine for the May acquaint. I'm also on that one, we've got just under 3 months to get up to speed. Don't wait much longer though...

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