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Hi guys and girls,

This is my first post so do be gentle :winkrazz:

I am in the process of joining as a MCD and have done the initial Navy Medical and I have the Dive Specific Medical booked for the beginning of Feb.

I can't see any obvious threads or answers and wanted to know more details about the dive medical and wondered if anyone has recently been through it and what it entails?

Any advice is good advice, apparently!!
Diving medical:-
Weight and height....no fatties allowed
Blood Pressure
Piss in the bottle
Eye sight
Hearing test
Exercise tolerance test:- 5 mins of stepping on and off a 18 inch high box at about 30 steps a min, then take pulse for 30 secs, rest for 30 secs...pulse for 30 secs...rest for 30 secs, then a final pulse reading for 30 secs, they expect to see a reduction in your pulse rate and the total of all 3 readings can't be over 180.
Vitalograph....blow like feck into a tube and you must expel over 75% of your lung capacity within one second.
Not sure, but they might do a full chest xray...they used to do it every year but stopped when we started to glow in the dark.
and that's about it
Slightly concerned by the pulse rates there. So all three combined cannot total more than 180? When I did the first medical my normal pulse rate was 63!! So after some excersize there is no way my combined reading will be below 180 :(
No sorry , should have explained it better, after the exercise wait 30 secs then you take the pulse for 30 secs...maybe about 75,(150 bmp) then wait 30 secs, then take the pulse for the next 30 secs...should be 60ish (120 bpm) then wait another 30 secs..take the pulse for 30 secs and the pulse should be down to 35 (70bpm) so 75+60+35 = 170 and pass,
Ah right so my mine concern will be the intial pulse rate immediately after excersize and there after it just needs to decrease naturally.

I'll work on the other points then ;)

Thanks for the info guys.

TBF from what I have read and the training I have been told to do, to be a diver you really need to breeze the pulse measures following exercise!! Now I've got to knuckle down and speed up my run speed!!


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Not sure if it's been mentioned, they take a blood sample for the pre-entry diving medical too - so it takes a few days before you're declared fit to dive.
What is it they are testing for in the blood test? No one has mentioned anything about dental checks? I understand they will be checking fillings etc for any pockets of air that may pop under pressure and things like that.


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Before joining the Doc will have a shufty in your gob to see if there are any obvious flaws however you will undergo a very thorough dental check by a qualified "fang farrier" during INT.
Had my diving medical at the end of november and its much like the previous posters have described. It took two weeks for my bloods to come back, they obviously can't pronounce you fit for the branch until the results from your bloods have come through. Allow two hours for the diving medical though, its very in depth. (No pun intended).
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