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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by 2_deck_dash, Jan 4, 2012.

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  1. Over Christmas I had lunch with the wife's uncle, he's a well to do chap in his 80's, CBE, director of various companies etc. basically an all round decent bloke. Anyway we got chatting about his Navy days and he spun me the dit about his career.

    By virtue of the fact that his uncle was a Captain in the FAA he was lucky enough to do his National Service as a Naval Airman instead of a gopping pongo. After 6 weeks basic at Lee on Solent, he was posted to Yeovilton. From Yeovilton he was posted to HMS Vengeance and went on deployment.

    While onboard he was typically beasted and treated like shit, as all National Servicemen generally were. Being a crafty fucker and well educated, he managed to wangle a job as a clerk of some sort and perfected the tried and tested art of walking around the ship looking busy with a clipboard. Eventually it got to the stage where he was so good at this that he actually had fuck all to do and got really bored.

    One day while exploring the ship to stave off the boredom, he found a large pile of junk in the back of the hangar, that was left over from the war. Amongst the pile was a totally fucked American Jeep, he pulled it out and decided to use his time to restore it. Over the course of 6 months, he blagged favours from the stokers, chippies and pretty much every other person onboard to get the thing running and looking sweet. By the end of the deployment, the Jeep (with a variety of handmade bespoke parts) was gleaming and painted in RN blue with black wheels and white seat covers which were hand stitched by the sail maker. He even had hand painted ship's crests on it.

    So splendid was his Jeep, the Commodore saw it and decided to use it as his personal runabout and made my uncle in law, his personal driver. He received a chit which entitled him to requisition fuel on behalf of the Admiralty and was tasked with delivering the Jeep from Scotland to Culdrose. After a 5 day drive, he was made official driver for the unit and spent the rest of his National Service, cruising around in the Jeep, nicking fuel out of planes at various air stations, using his chit as authority.

    This was just after WW2 so few people could afford to run cars and fuel was strictly rationed. Having a vehicle at his disposal obviously made it much easier for him to trap and by all accounts a pretty banging time was had during those 18 months driving around the south coast.

    Eventually he was offered a commission on the condition that he signed on for another 3 years, having a decent job waiting for him with the family firm, he fucked the offer off and demobbed, but not without being first arrested by the reggies and investigated for stealing fuel and driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle. Luckily the Commodore who signed his original fuel chit managed to fuck the reggies off and vouched for his good character and he got away with it, unfortunately they didn't let him keep the Jeep.

    Any of you old fuckers on here remember a ginger chockhead driving about Cornwall in a handpainted blue Jeep around 1947 or 8? Anyone know what happened to it? I assume it was registered and continued to be used as a runabout.
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  2. There are a few old salts about but in 1947-48 even granny was still in short trousers.
  3. That is one hoofing good dit
  4. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    That dit is a thing of beauty which even us gopping pongos appreciate. This man sounds like a legend. I'm certainly feeling the love.
  5. Pics of a jeep here - 7th/8th photos - but perhaps a bit too early?

  6. Nice phots Sol, could very well be the same Jeep before he restored it. I can't imagine there were that many cars knocking around on Vengeance.

    He painted his Navy blue with black wheels, the sailmaker made a new hood for it in blue canvas and white seat covers stitched with naval crowns. It also had the squadron crests of the 40th (I think?) carrier group hand painted either side of the windscreen, one of which was 814 squadron. If the thing ever turns up it would be quite distinctive, it had lots of non standard parts that were fabricated onboard, including double windscreen wipers.
  7. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    (After being lent to the RAN) Vengeance eventually clewed up as the Brazilian Minas Gerais. Sol's pics relate to the Light Fleets' maiden trip, to the Far East arriving just in time to miss the war. But without the atom bombs she and her sisters would have been pretty busy.
  8. 2_d_d

    Did the jeep have a registration plate?
  9. No registration when he had it, it was literally a pile of junk that he and some other lads put together, no one ever thought about doing the paperwork. It was one of the reasons he was arrested eventually, the main point being that you aren't allowed to requisition fuel for a non military vehicle. Since the Jeep didn't officially exist on the RN's books, he was breaking the law.
  10. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    So true.

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  11. Judging by your avatar, you grew into them ears in the end.
  12. 2DD

    As he was in Helston have you tried asking Flambards? In their blitz bit there's a jeep although painted in pongo-ish colours, there's also a crab WW2 museum at Davidstow airfield that has vehicles and there's an historic vehicle museum around those parts as well.
  13. Nice one, cheers for the info, I'll check it out. It would be cool to reunite him with his Jeep (or a similar one) if by some slim chance it still exists.
  14. My old man once gave me a book to read called the "Stone Frigate", basically it told the story of several matelots during WWII who managed to stay ashore for the whole war and never go to sea. They were based at HMS DRAKE and they managed to make themselves so indespensible to whoever they were employed by (Padre, Mail Office, Sickbay) that their bosses pulled every dodge in the book to keep them in their shore jobs while thousands of matalots were sunk during that period many of them more than once.
    I think what happened afterwards is they married and had babies and many of these children themselves became matelots and are similar sea dodging Westo janner fcukers who are serving now.
  15. And there was me thinking that Stan will on soon saying its in the back of his shed!
  16. After grafting so long and hard, you would have thought he'd be allowed to keep the jeep !
  17. Reminds me of when me and the chief ran a pirate tea boat with rolls and egg banjos better than the naffi. We were coining it in and he contacted his oppo at drafty and got me off a draft chit, it lasted another six months before the canteen damager put the spoke in.
  18. Alas my shed is lying on its back after the recent roughers, once thats repaired I'm building an ARK and fcuking off down the Tamar
  19. I was randomly flicking through the Internet as one does and in amongst the shite I discovered this gem:

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