Disturbing mental image.

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by BootneckYank, Sep 4, 2006.

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  1. It's that time of year again. When one of the organisations to which I belong (AOPA) sends out order forms for aviation-themed holiday cards.
    As I was looking through the samples, one struck me as somewhat disturbing: There was Jolly Ol' St Nick in his hangar office, recieving his final flight plan from his head elf/dispatcher, suited up, goggles on and ready to go. Behind him was his trusty mount. Not something innocent like a Staggerwing or Gypsy Moth, but an aircraft far more sinister: A SPAD S.XIII fighter!
    I can just imagine Kris Kringle thinking to himself: "Been naughty? Forget the lump of coal! I'm on a whole new level! It's a good strafing for you, my lad!"
    Just picture the scene: Santa winging his way through the chill, moonlit night. A house comes into view below. Santa checks his list, pushes the nose over into a 45 degree dive, and instead of spreading Christmas cheer, he clinches up the trigger, and gives Little Timmy from Altoona the whole nine yards for flipping his sister the bird in church Sunday!
    As I said: Disturbing.
    What's next? The Easter Bunny in a Tiger tank?

    I think I need another drink (which will be officialy one too many)
  2. No chance of actually seeing this disturbing image then Bootneck?

  3. It is equally disturbing that BY called the offnding card a 'holiday card'.

  4. That's cause life is one big holiday in the states. :lol:

  5. Actualy, their is. I scanned it in to the computer, but cant get it in to the forum page for some reason. I'll have to shrink it down and get it into the gallery.
    And it is a Christmas card. They have several different scenes to choose from, all involving classic aircraft. Just thought the fighter was an odd choice, and my wierd imagination took over from there.
  6. Don't Americans call "Christmas", "holidays" so they don't offend Jews (Hannukah) and African-Americans (Kwanzaa)? How ironic that Muslims celebrate Christmas as one of their key dates as the birth of the Great Islamic Prophet Jesus of Bethlehem!
  7. This is true.
    PC all around. In fact, many of the local businesses here in central Oregon have been asked to take down day-specific decorations in favor of a more nuetral "holiday" theme.
    Musn't offend. :roll:

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