DISSERTATION. Need more people to fill in questionnaires.

Hi everyone
I'm currently house bound due to breaking my leg so am unable to carry out planned visits for a bit but really need to get some more questionnaires filled out for my dissertation , which is on the Royal Navy; experiences and spaces. It covers all ranks, RNR, Full time etc

I had to change the subject a bit to fit in with equal opportunities as there were some things which I couldn't ask, but this has all been sorted with the help of serving personnel.

I've already got 20 done but need a fair few more to keep me occupied while i can't do anything!

It would be hugely appreciated, and is very very much needed
If possible, please email [email protected]
Many thanks
:) :thumright:


Methinks you should run this past one of the mods - journalists are known to trawl sites like AARSE and RR for juicy tidbits to publish during silly season - caution folks!
Re: DISSERTATION. Need more people to fill in questionnaires

i am 100% a genuine student and hope that my chances of getting questionnaires filled out have not been hindered by the above incorrect accusation.
my dissertation is a huge huge part of my degree and i am truly desperate for extra research
i am a geography student, hence the spaces theme (human geography)
my alternative email is [email protected] this is my university one.
please feel free to use either
many thanks


A complaint?

Terribly sorry if I have offended you - you could have been a lot more open about what the dissertation was about and asked for it to be sponsored, therefore making the whole thing much more transparent.

I understand the fact you are "desperate" for research, but be careful how you go about data acquisition as you may end up with a non-representative sample. The materials and methods section of your final work will have to stand up to academic scrutiny and using random people (many of whom are not in the RN) to give their opinion may not give valid data.

Re: DISSERTATION. Need more people to fill in questionnaires

thankyou for your apology
i'm always quite cagey for fear of giving too much information away. but i understand what you are saying.
many thanks
I say with a username like that you're not a Crab are you, what, what? Journo's and the Fith Estate are one thing, but the Light Blue and Chinless are just beyond the Pale.

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