I'm a student about to start dissertation research and wanted to do mine on the Royal Navy and how training spaces and the training process is experienced.

I just wondered whether there would be any chance if any of you would kindly take time to fill in a short questionnaire (emailed) and help me with my dissertation research.
It's important I obtain enough responses in order to establish a fair study and get a good classification for it.

I would be exceptionally grateful if it was possible. It would make a huge difference to my study. So big BIG please!

Many thanks

my email is [email protected]
Nutty said:
Do a little bit yourself and read this chaps day to day diary of his basic training which should giove you some idea.


Problem when doing scientific research is that we need to use primary data. Using secondary data although useful, he/she will still need volunteers to fill in the questionnaire. :D However, I am not one to help, I am not RN. Good luck with it all though :afro:

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