Disposing of a bit of history & opinions needed

Discussion in 'History' started by chockhead819, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. I'm the sec of an RN Assoc which is closing down & I want a certain piece of history to go to the best place.
    For certain reasons I cant say what exactly it is, but its an after action report of a famous incidient.
    So which place do the readers think is best
    Imperial War Museum (where they have loads of stuff) or RN Museum in Pompeii.(to help build the collection)
  2. I'd say the RN museum, as you rightly say the IWM has loads anyway, you want somewhere that can dislay it and protect it for the future.
    Could you give us a hint of what action?
  3. I'd have said talk to one of the dockyard museums...maybe Chatham Maritime Museum or Potsmouth Victory/mary Rose museum. if either are relevant. Hard to say without a bit more info. Why so coy ?
  4. i'm with welbexian on this one....i'd say the rn museum at least then it'd get shown.....unless it's the apres Trafalga report!
  5. I think I am with everyone else and feel it must go to an RN museum. One which has relevance to the item you have. By that I mean where the ship was stationed or commisioned etc
  6. Definately a Royal Naval museum Chocks, definately.

  7. Agree with Radar

    Suggest first that you scan it and then put it on a floppy or whatever . That way you can post it to other places . bad news with Museums is that a lot of stuff gets archived and untill someone asks specifically for it the item it may just join the other artefacts.

    Lots of stuff like that coming to the surface now --I had one a guys diary with pictures etc -he was in the Baltic on Submarines 1916-1918 its now on CD the original went to the IWM. Fantastic piece of history.
  8. Also consider the Naval Historical Branch, part of the Naval Staff, at 24 Store, Portsmouth as a potential recipient. They would be very pleased to add it to their collection if they don't already have it.
  9. As, it seems, the Senior Service won the Battle of Britain, perhaps it should go to that rather new museum at Hendon?

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