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My wife's pretty ill in hospital after serious Op,I visit every day except it's 60 miles each way and it's tough for me to drive that often.
I have to go down the A1 from the Borders which is only partly dualled until you reach Alnwick.
For the past week I've been held up by tractors,lorries,caravans,old people etc so I reckon we need and invention that displays messages on your rear windscreen like!
Lorries "Feck You! for pulling into the overtaking lane of the mile stretch dual carriageway stopping us all from overtaking"
Old People "If it says 50MPH you can go 50mph not 30mph and on a dual you can go 70mph not 40mph!
Tractors "Feck You! " I always buy my fruit and veg from abroad!"[Today one tractor held up 50 cars at least and when I did get past him he was doing 10mph with no trailer!on our farm 60 years ago our Massie did 40MPH!] ****** I'm sure he was smiling.
Caravans " Enjoy your holiday, my son is a burglar in your neighborhood and he told me your daughter is getting well reamed by a Yardie Drug Boss"
That will do for now but I've got another daily grind of two weeks,hope I calm down!
Just tongue in the cheek Chiefie! in fact it would probably cause more road rage than it's worth!although a thanks message to courteous drivers may be good.
I'm just sounding off to the needless road cretins.
I often see Lorry drivers dualling with each other on a carriage way stopping others from overtaking, two days ago it was an old woman at least 85 with three dogs strapped in the front seat with a seat belt!
I told her any crash would take the heads off her pets but she was blank.
Most tractor drivers are fine and you know it won't be long before they turn off,yesterdays was an exception.
Thanks for the message of sympathy,she has been moved out of intensive care now and on the last visit she gave me a list of jobs to do and what to bring her,she must be on the mend!
The hospital food is absolutely atrocious,my wife doesn't eat foreign food so the first three meals were Spaghetti,Ravioli,Lasagne!
I brought some food in and now have arranged to purchase her meals from the restaurant[maybe that's what they want you to do!]
Now off I go again hope the road is passable to a degree.Thanks again


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I will not bite...I will not bite....I will not bite...Hope the wife is better. Think I'll just drive down the by-pass in the outer lane doing 40. You never know I might be lucky.. :)


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I feel for you, I spend quite a bit of time on the road nowadays and last week was a bad one I did just under a 1000 miles between meetings in London, Manchester, Hemel, East Midlands Airport and a few other places dropped in. I have noticed a massive increase in the number of 'Sunday drivers' on the road, I was nearly involved in 3 accidents due to frustrated motorists taking silly risks just to get around these morons and last Thursday my patience broke in Melton Mowbray - after following a car virtually all the way from the A50 to Melton at 30-40mph with no chance of overtaking and a queue of traffic that stretched to about 40 cars I pulled up behind a car at the KFC for some lunch, my blood was at boiling point so I sarcastically asked the (not old as expected but perhaps mid 30's geek) bloke who got out of the other car if his car was somehow knackered - he patronisingly turned and said "some of us need to save money on fuel because we don't have company cars' I was within a nano second of throttling the little prick when his passenger said 'don't start mate, can you imagine how embarrassing it is being in the car with the geek who reads What Car and believes he can save £500 a year" and rolled his eyes, I p!ssed myself laughing and the driver minced off.

I found this article that backs up his claim in the Telegraph, I've decided to carry an air rifle around now and shoots holes in Sunday drivers' fuel tanks, that'll teach them to waste my life and they might realise it's not working Fuel prices: Slower driving can save motorists £500 a year - Telegraph

Hope your wife gets better soon Seafarer
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I have the answer!make Sunday a speed free day on Motorways!
All you have is Caravans,tractors are not as numerous,and the roads are pretty free.
Lets get things moving and get traffic moving as in Germany,who takes goods on the road on a Sunday?
Just the Foreign drivers and we should be charging them as they do us!IMO

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