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Sorry to bother you all with a speculative question about the medical at the AIB but with the process being so long I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on if I have any chance of progressing through it. I've disslocated my kneecap twice and had an operation, loosening of the ligaments (not a reconstruction), that was a couple of years ago and I'm good as new. I've spoken to the Recruiting office and they gave me very little advice about this, just reffering me to the paperwork.
I know its all speculation but is it possible to get through or should I cut my losses and not waste my time?
You should talk to the relevant Medical Officer, and only after seeing you/your medical history, can he give the thumbs up.

The Careers guys will be vague because they cannot give you an accurate answer medical wise, they are not being unhelpful, they just don't want to be in the position where someone complains that they were promised they could join, and yet be rejected medically.


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There's really only one way to find out & boring though it is, the medical officer is the one that either passes you fit or otherwise.

As already stated, those not medically qualified can speculate all they like, but the person who is qualified and has scrutinised your medical notes is better placed than someone offering a dodgy electronic consultation via t'internet, because he heard of someone once with "exactly what you've got" being accepted for service..

You've nothing to lose by entering into the process, but you'll forever wonder "what if" should you be put off trying by purely speculative opinion.

Good luck, give it a try.


Depends what was done, when it was done and what the result was. AIB / examining MO will write to your GP (with your permission) to get more info about stuff - you could pre-empt this by bringing copies of letters written by your surgeon to your GP (ask your practice for copies) to your medical.

Good luck.



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Just wondering how many Ruperts get in with damaged bodies?

It seems that a lot of serving couldnt pass a FATNESS test let alone a fitness test.

am i Disruntled? - Could be!! Never sure if i was ever gruntled....


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Cheers guys, I'm basically fine now and fitter than I ever was before, it's just a worry that I'll be automatically written off because of an old rugby injury. I'll do as you said and pre-empt it with a letter from my doc saying it's fixed and good as new.

Thanks again
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