Dishonorable Discharge and SNLR stories please

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by scouse, Aug 29, 2009.

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  1. Remember being stationed at Hms Daedalus in the midd 60s. We had a lad who decided to go on The Aldermaston March/Ban the bomb. When he arrived back, he was immediately placed under close arrest,and given SLNR on the spot. (I will save the best one i have for later :roll: :roll: )
  2. A young jockaness knumbnuts decided to work his ticket,started by screaming and shouting obscenities during the middle watch over the ships tannoy,i was QM and he was my BM and this was only the start,he then went AWOL during Portland work up,RN was not amused and yes he got DQs and DD,everybody was happy because said jock was a liability,
  3. Had an AB on RESO during building who tried every way for a ticket, and failed. Handed in a request to be classed as a conscientious objector: he couldn't square this draft with his detestation of nuclear war. Gone to Blockhouse and outside before most of us knew he'd gone.
  4. SNLR for that?
  5. Chef and Jack Dusty went ashore in Auckland,on our last night in harbour. Went back home with a guy that Batted for the otherside. Dont know why??????? as the NZ birds were Ace. Drank robbed and rolled him :roll: :roll: We sailed to Freemantle, when berthed clear lower deck for fingerprints by the 5/0 (He had only gone and died) 30 mins later, the two were escorted off. 6yrs for Manslaughter and DD :cry: iirc
  6. At the time, the RN was just taking over as the British nuclear detergent - all publicity had to be positive. Can you imagine if the press or CND had got hold of this ? Easier to quietly get rid of him, no bad publicity.
  7. A PO aircrewman did the conscientious objector thing, saying he could no longer drop a weapon on a submarine. He expected to be SNLR'd with a couple of days grace, but the skipper dismissed him straight away.

    Theresmore to this story.

    When at Gannet, we worked 24 on 48 off, the new sqdn SMR decided to make it 24 about. One NA who was on a final warning for working his ticket decided that was out of order & told SMR he was on strike. Bye bye said NA
  8. When they stopped the tot, 2 three bage f/alls got themselves caught in a compromising position and their feet did not touch, one was 3 years from pension. Saw them in the Albany a couple of months later holding on to the bar with one hand and a Woods in the other, sad.
  9. Surely if trying to avoid bad publicity discharge Shore would have been more appropriate? To give someone a dishonourable discharge for what could be argued is a moral stance is going to attract the wrong sort of publicity. He hadn't committed an offence so I cannot see how such a discharge could be legal.

    Hasten to add, before I get labeled a 'pinko PC do-gooder', that I am not necessarily agreeing with what he did, just questioning the legality of the action taken against him.
  10. They must have felt such victims, so persecuted :roll:
  11. And I can hazard a pretty damn good guess as to why they went there.
  12. I remember a REM on Aurora in 68, went ashore in Bombay, went down the cages and got wrecked, bought one of them Indian Repro swords.
    Next thing you hear when he comes back off shore, "Duty hands flight deck".
    He's pulled his sword on the OOD and is heavily engaged doing an Erol Flyn with him around the upper scupper.
    Tried to stab him so they had him sectioned and he was gone. :twisted: 8O :D
  13. Just joined Neptune, and woke up in the transit mess to find the guy in the next pit was someone I'd joined up with, fresh out of DQs. Had a good chat, but he was still in his pit when I went and did what I had to do. I found out later that the Reggies had gone to find him when he hadn't reported, and he refused to play. He was then frogmarched to the cells and had to see the Commander in his knicks and flip flops as he refused to put his 8s on. He went to see the Commodore in his civvies, who then gave him a dishonourable discharge on the spot.
  14. Had a chap on the Plymouth working on the Fx who caught his "tackle" on some 2" inch manilla... Oh sorry I suppose that comes under
    "Discharge by Purchase" :wink:
  15. In DQ`s mid sixties met (chopper) Field ..a class boxer who had been been offered a place with an international promoter …trouble was the navy wouldn’t let him go so he was working his ticket…when I last saw him he was doing 6 months, the most you can get in DQ`s…

  16. There was a dit going around about him at the time if I recollect it right, that the Navy was considering letting his brother serve his remaining time plus the training time to get him up to speed.
    Everyone said he was so "Bone" his brother would have to do about 39 years. 8O :wink:
  17. i was sent to SM2 with an 'exceptional circumstance' letter for signing. He signed it there and then and I gave it back to the Capt who sent me to the ships office and then to escort him to the main gate. The grocer was there with this young un who had a right strop on. I don't think it was for the immediate discharge shore, but more because whoever had emptied his locker had nicked his porn.

    He was offered a rail warrant to anywhere in the country he wanted to go but told the grocer to 'stick it up his fcuking arse', (I bet that was the first time he had the guts to do that). He was eventually pursuaded to accept it. On the way to the gate he kept asking could he go to the Naafi and then the automat, when I said no he got another strop on and I had to have help getting him to the gate.
  18. Our kid was similar, RCT in Germany and nicked a 3 tonner when pissed, flew him back to UK and he managed to give his escort of 2 RMP the slip and was on the trot for 6 month , numb cnut came up to York to visit me mam and they caught him.
    Was 'awarded' 3 months in Colchester and soldier on but on appeal they dropped the soldier on, did 3 weeks of his sentence then slung out DD.
  19. :x Posted ages ago if anyone served with Cilf Field and had any dits about him. He did not make the big time in boxing[neither did I] and finished up so i believe, in unlicensed and bare knuckle bouts. I read somewhere that he now lives in Canada?? :x
  20. When i was at HMS Mercury just as the FI kicked off,we had a "Clear Lower Deck" for the reading of a warrant.Apparently this LRO had been recalled as he still had Reserve liability,since leaving the mob he started up a very profitable buisness.He decided he didnt want to play so he resolved to knuckle the first officer her saw,which just happened to be the Jimmy!As far as i know he went to Colchester then out.

    Also,a well known RN psychiatrist used to have a favourite thing that he did when he first met a patient.He had a small foam rubber ball,which he then threw at the patient and then assesed the response.One patient pitched up so the ball was thrown,the rating promptly caught the ball and ate it.SNLR,Tempermentaly Unfit for Service in the RN. :D :D

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