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After the events of the last few months, are we not allowed to have an opposing view nor challenge statements made by members?

As soon as a dissenting voice is heard, then there is a threat to 'lock the thread' a threat that was consequently carried out and a thread some were contributing to was closed down.

In another couple of threads, members have mentioned that this is not the place for disagreements and a thread has been started, on politics, and no arguments are allowed. How on earth can you have a meaningful discussion without people holding opposite views?

i thought that this was a discussion board.

FRO you twat.

No, no, just kidding.

Agree with the Mods comments.

p.s. 'Voltaire' didn't say that - but he did say “Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so too”.


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@dapperdunn agree with you above to an extent, you have a short fuse on some issues and one member has got your goat, agree to disagree that you will not change them, or put them on ignore so as to dampen your fuse a tadge. Today is firework day, don’t get carried away, has Guy Fawkes been seen in Westminster yet?


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And if a Mod (and this includes a Super-Mod) is being seen to be over-stepping their authority you can report them to the COs directly if you want - as it is their site then they have the final authority in everything on the site. There was a problem with that before but the changes should have addressed this now.
So, to be clear:
A Mod deals with one board (or potentially more)
And the new Super-Mod has responsibility across the whole site?


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Am I right in saying that we now have just the two CO's and 2 super Mods now?


There are still Mods. To find out who is responsible for individual fora, just click on it and you will see them listed there. Some have one, some have more and some have none. All depends on how active they can be and if they need moderation.

Any without have special attention from Supers as a result.

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