Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by SolidFury, Jul 28, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    I had my RT tests last week, was told i was successful and they would interview me. So i went for my eye exams, filled in my health questionnaire and handed it in this morning.

    Only to get a call an hour ago saying "Hi, this is so and so - yeah i was wrong about your results, you failed and didn't pass. You can try again in 12 months or apply for a rating in which case its a 12 month wait anyway, so i will keep you record".

    Suffice to say i was little shocked after taking time to get a eye exam and everything else, i rang him back, just to say like what happened etc, how did you get them wrong, he came back with "oh the rules have changed in the last couple of days and i overlooked it"....

    He didn't really bother with anything else - no sorry or what not. Looks like they really don't want me...

    Bit disgusted really after getting my hopes up and passing the eye exam with VA1. So what now - i'm meant to wait in a job i hate for another 12 months until i can re-take the exams that doesn't even guarantee me getting in anyway....

    Whats the point, i asked to delete my file, as if i can't pass first time around then i'm not really good enough.

    God knows how that [email protected] got in the navy though.

    Rant over.
  2. Say fcuk 'em and join the RAF instead. The Army is also good as long as you don't want to be a grunt. Have you thought about RAMC, or Logistic Corp?
  3. Mate, it's nobody else's fault that you're in a job you hate, that you didn't make the grade in the test, and I'd say perhaps the RN is better off without someone of your attitude. People make mistakes, even naval staff, and human error is part of life. Your parents for example, I know one of their mistakes... nah I'm joking there, but shit happens, get over it.
  4. Firstly, did he say your RT score was a complete fail or you failed for your chosen branch?

    Secondly, don't join the RAF, they are all, to a man/woman, cnuts.
  5. What about the Spanish Legion? Their quite retro these days.
  6. Not being funny mate but if you didn't make the grade then you either didn't revise or pretty dim. If you didn't revise that's even worst and if a year wait seems a big deal maybe you shouldn't be signing a 22 year contract.

    I passed to get into AET (highest score needed for ratings i think) and I'm just your average pissed bloke on the street.

    Use the next year to revise properly...a year seems like a long time but it is a 22 year contract your signing.
  7. I was applying for Officer, he said i failed for that. He exact words were "you can apply for a rating but thats a 12 month wait anyway so you'd be better off re-applying for officer again, ok.... bye"

    Ahhh well, just really gutted thats all and wanted to vent my anger at something i guess.

    Wannabeat - i have a great attitude, im just gutted thats all, try putting yourself in someone else's shoes before you open up, most of my family are in the Navy. But i thought that why the armed forces train you so hard - to delete human error. If you shot down a friendly you can't say 'oh sorry everyone makes mistakes'!

    You know it would have been easier for me to take if he said i failed straight away instead of getting hopes up like that....

    But i guess it was just 'human error'
  8. You're applying to be an Officer, aren't you, SolidFury?
  9. Yes Soleil, i was applying for Officer. Yeah fair enough i must be dummer than i thought. Didn't really help i was diagnosed with Swine flu the week before - im glad im over that....
  10. Lol shut yer beeswax

    I wasn't saying I'm clever, the RT test is piss and you have to either be a dim kunt or not revised.

    But it's irrelevant anyhoo as the guys going for officer and i'm pretty sure the officer exams you can't just dribble on and get a pass....I'll probably be saluting the kunt at some point when he returns next year :thefinger:
  11. To be honest, SolidFury, I would ask if I could call in at the AFCO to talk this through with one of the CAs. Asking for your application to be withdrawn because there's been a bit of a hitch might not have been the smartest move. It would have been better to call in and see them before making such a decision. Take a deep breath and ring them and ask if you can drop in.
  12. I know you're pissed off, but by asking for your file to be deleted have you not just burnt your boats (if you pardon the pun)?

    If most of your family are in the RN then you should know that joining isn't just a case of signing on the dotted line. As for "taking time do have an eye test done" - how long did it take? I'm guessing about 10-15 minutes...
  13. I am classed as retarded mate and I still passed the psychometric. The army you should go for (and if you fail the BARB then god help you!).

    The army though will make you so good you will learn NOT to make mistakes, watch a documentary about a regiment in the army and then watch warship or sailor and you will soon see what I mean.
  14. That second paragraph confirms that, yes, you are retarded.
  15. #

    ... and that you have a massive chip on your shoulder!

  16. Mongo pongo of the day, :thebirdman:
  17. You think wrong, very wrong.

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