right i don't know if this is the right place to post this but i want to hear what you's all think about it!
im from northern ireland and the RIR have just got back from afghanistan. they are having a home coming parade in belfast soon and Sinn Fien and other local republicans are organising a protest at it, because they say the blokes that have been out there for months don't deserve a home coming parade in their own country. they are going to be allowed within 40 feet of the soldiers and their families. i think this is a disgrace as the police have given their approval so the protest can go ahead and also every other regiment gets a parade in their own country without one of the local political parties, the ones who are meant to be in government protesting at it so why can't the RIR. well anyway sorry about the rant but its over now and i look forward to your replies!


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It is indeed sad that those that deserve recognition & admiration are subject to abuse by elected political fanatics who have legitimised organised crime and civil disobedience closer to home. We should expect nothing less.


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I would think the police have their hands tied since are Sinn Fien elected. Sh*t allround but everyone has the right to peacefull protest.
I agree that its a disgrace mate, but personally I think its more of a "moral disgrace" than anything else. People like them are only allowed the freedom to protest because of the likes of RIR and the fact that they are stamping their feet and cavorting about when they really should be either clapping politely as RIR march past or even NOT THERE if they feel that strongly about it shows a lot more about their moral fibre than their politically hurt feelings.

All I can hope for is that the good people of NI will cause such a cheer that those protestors are drowned out. If you get the chance to speak to any of them, give them our very best :)
witsend i agree mate everyone does have the right to a peaceful protest but with 400-500 protestors and all the RIR supporters in belfast city centre i hope it stays peaceful as there has already been talk of voilence!

lamri will do mate!


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Who's really going to fight with the RIR, after a tour. Case of "sticks & stones, but names".

Anyway on a different note, whats the turn around before they are on there way back east?


Norn Iron myself here, and Catholic and I don't agree with the republicans protesting.

They have no sense or idea what the RIR and every other member of the service (I'm not service..yet) do for their freedoms and liberties.

It's all completely stupid and it's one of the reasons why I'm glas I don't live over there anymore.

Sure there's been a spate of bomb hoaxes at a high school over there and they think it's down to the fac that three Royal Navy Officers visited the schools for a careers talk.

The school being catholic that is.. parents apparently said that they should have been consulted.

I'm sock and tired of it all.
When is the parade?

Is this the Reg that had that Col who gave a stirring speech to his troops before they went into Iraq? Lt Col Tim Collins?


As an Ulsterman myself (oops - maybe giving myself away here), I deplore the activities of our elected representatives in this matter.

Those returning from HERRICK 8 are, to a large extent, reservists/TA/whatever you want to call them, and they deserve the same homecoming that other Regiments get. To protest about them harks back to the days of complaining about every activity of the "British Government" and doesn't forward an intergration policy one iota.

If Northern Ireland has truly come to terms with its past then it will grow up and accept the RIR guys back with open arms. If it cannot do this then it says a lot for the people of Northern Ireland: they are as gutless as the rest. I am ashamed to be one of them.
Angrydoc, our "elected representitives" do nothing but bicker... the problem is religion is too far entwined with politics in Northern Ireland.

The military are viewed as the british and as such the catholic populus who can't grow up set out to make peoples lives difficult.

There's no respect.
angrydoc i wouldn't say all the people of northern ireland are gutless, i my opinion the majority of people in northern ireland either support the homecoming parade or are indifferent(which ins't exactly great i'll admit). Because after all out of a population of over 1 million people there are only 400-500 protestors going!
sean i agree with you but i think it is stupid that the army is seen as just a british/protestant thing because there is a good few catholics in the RIR from both northern ireland itself and the south!
I know it's stupid, and I know a few few catholics from Northern Ireland between the forces.

Unfortunately some people are too shallow.

For example, the area where I'm from in Northern Ireland, if any of my family opened their big mouth as to me going to join the RN, windows would be smashed, and my brother probably beat up.

It doesn't help the young people of Northern Ireland are taking on the traits of their parents..they don't actually know anything of the past.


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I had a couple of drafts to Northern Ireland and thoroughly enjoyed myself, first time in the eighties we weren't allowed out much but the 10 years later things had thankfully quitened down and seeing a lot more of the place was possible.

The worst memory of my last visit was the booing and loud abuse of the the minutes silence for rememberance Sunday by Cliftonville supporters before a match against Linfield. It left me feeling sick and summed up the total and blind hatred of anything to do with the British military that elements of the Nationalist Community will always have.
It all goes back to Bloody Sunday, things happened mistakes occured....

Around the city of derry, county londonderry, you'll see the murals.. one of a young girl who was supposed to have been shot by the army for no apparent reason..

I can't remember enough about it...but more so I wasn't there or alive when it occured.
It means I wasn't born when Bloody Sunday occured, it means that I once taught cross community relations at an intense level but haven't done so in so long that I can't gfully remember the facts around bloody sunday.


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It is a bloody disgrace and the way i see it the main land will end up going the same way. For some reason this country seems to like shafting itself and bringing itself down. We seem to pander to the idiots who want us to forget our past.

Regardless of the things the british empire has done over the years the majority of it has been for the good.

On a positive note the Yorkshire Regiment exercised the freedom of the borough of Calderdale, West Yorks yesterday. I wasn't expecting much because it hadn't been publicised particularly well and it was p*ssing it down but i dragged the family down to town to watch (much to the consternation of my 4 yr old daughter who wanted to watch the mighty whites). They had a suprisingly good crowd considering the size of the town, lack of publicity and bad weather.

Good show chaps.
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