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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Nutty, Mar 19, 2009.

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  1. Just thought we may as well do it here as it is the Gash Barge. Says it all.
  2. Tis 'fitted for but not with' a large percentage of it's designed weapons fit.

    If they ever get around to 'fitted with' it will be a fine ship.

    Alas, I've been around the MOD long enough to know that 'fitted for but not with' tends to mean 'never got round to fitted with'.

    However, I'm assured by those in the know that she can shoot down a cricket ball travelling at Mach 3…

    That's a fine feature and should come in useful during a Windies Tour. :wink:
  3. She can of course shoot down the cricket ball providing the 70 year old technology of a rotating Radar Aeriel works on this state of the art craft.

    Also hoping a AIB equipped SS has not taken her out of the game, let alone a SSN who can go faster.
  4. I want the new type 45 to have all the kit and be the Ace of the Base, along with the 2 new carriers, but know in my heart of hearts . Its not going to happen, Listening to PT JL SD I. party spin , :roll: Im not buying in to their virtual world :roll: Reminds me of that little boy outside the Courthouse , after the trial. when Shoeless Joe Jackson came out. "Say it isnt so Joe" I feel like the little boy!!!! The 3 ships that i went to ORI (FOST). Passed out with flying colours and deployed, 2 strike carriers and 1 leander class frigate Tooled up and fit for purpose. Will the 6 type 45 and 2 new Carriers???? be able too. I have my gravest doubts !!! :oops:
  5. Now, now, Nutty!

    I'm assured by those wiser than me, that a rotating phased array radar was an inspired choice and a world first…

    Cynics would say they couldn't work out how to integrate discrete static arrays that would have given continuous 360 coverage and been inherently more robust and reliable… :wink:
  6. alacrity174:
    PT you have answered my earlier question about sea time as this answer is compolete and utter tosh. If you had ever spent any time on a sleek grey messenger of death you would know that none of what you said is possible, put in simple terms there is no way as long as my arse points downwards that the RN can keep 5 of 6 at sea or even ready for sea at any one time.

    If you truley believe what you have just written then I seriously have to question any and all of your earlier comments.

    Alacrity, this isn't a civilian decision - it's the uniformed Navy who have declared that 'six 45s mean five available for ops'.

    Now if this is true then Norman has a case and lets get him in to sort these 2.5 ringers out PDQ.

  7. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Scouse wrote
    Please show me where I have praised the Type 45. My contributions to the other T45 thread have nothing to do with how good it is or what its shortcomings are.
  8. You really are one of the most pestilent, boring, one trick pony old cnuts I've ever seen. Change the record you ridiculous tart.
  9. Type 45 is the best thing since sliced bread......as long as you don't mind getting the bread a slice at a time
  10. It`s a pity that the RN don`t own them, are they not on lease?
  11. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Nope - we own them.
  12. Since when? I have it on good authority that they are leased to the Fleet.
  13. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Nope - thats the River class. We've always owned the T45 hulls.
  14. You can always trust a 21 rating to get to the point real quick.

    See ya on the flightdeck for sundowners

  15. Monty

    You really are a person who cannot see a wind up even if was at the end of your nose unless you had started it. Now feck off and play with your foul mouth friends and lets Old Pharts get on with chuntering and raising the Banner of St. Norman.

  16. Can any of this class bowl, is so all we need is a few silly mid offs and we've got a cricket team. Mind that would mean them being English only ships, can't have the frisps, bog trotters and druids mucking up our nice new 11
  17. Over on the other CDA thread Levers has valiently thrown himself under the bus, all positions stand to.
  18. type 45- big high sided shapless lump of bendy shit on toast!
  19. If we could get caterpillar tracks on the T45s and optimise them for desert warfare, we'd probably be getting more than 6.
  20. Bloody hell, POL has come up with a winner. Just think a pussers not grey anymore war canoe on skis in the sand being puled along by camels. This idea has merit, only thing is the bloody crabs would want to command it then.

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