Discrimination ?.


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I think naming a bear Paddington is descriminating against other, more worthy train stations. Who has the works ticket for the Outrage bus?


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Sterling_Stirling said:

As it is Paddington it should be outrage train.
It should be, but due to over-running engineering works, all trains have been replaced by buses for the forseeable future.


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Guzzler said:
I'm reporting all you racialists to the Peruvian Embassy.

It is Peru isn't it?

Allow me Guzzler to be of service here is the Peruvian embassys address 52 Sloane Street, London SW1X 9SP I think they deal with deepest darkest Peru :wink: :D :wink:


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Surely its the people who are seeing the golly as a genuine racist symbol who want to have a word with themselves. Would be interesting if they actually carried out a survey amongst the British-African population to see just how offended they are by it. If 51% aren't tell the PC bastards to sod off.
Paddington Bear is well known for his liking of marmalade sandwiches, so it sort of makes sense in these PC days.
I'm off to find my Robinson's Golly badges to wear in protest though!
There was a Fenchurch Street bear - but he now is a bond dealer in Canary Wharf.
Liverpool Street Bear went darn Essex in a souped up Xr3i and was never seen again,
You could not encourage children with a Kings Cross Bear with the meatrack nearby.
Victoria Station is populated by handbags (The Importance of Being Earnest),
Waterloo Bear was flushed,
Mary-le-Bone Bear was too excited so it simply HAD to be Padders dahling.
Can't quite see paddington singing 'see you at teatime' at the end of any adverts. IMHO the Gollywog should never have been removed, but alas being a WASP my opinion wouldn't matter.


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I make my own home brew which i sell at these stupid craft fairs. It goes like hot cakes. Not one person has complained about the label which has this bloke on it:

Fuhrer Bier. Nicht Fur Untemensch.
Heydrich Strength

You can poke your Golly.

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