Discovery flight deck

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by janner, Jul 26, 2011.

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  1. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

  2. How long to "Part 3" Qual on that? Nightmare.....
  3. Looks like the ECR on Mermaid. . :brushteeth:
  4. Looks ok, but where are the doors?
  5. No cupholders or ashtrays????
  6. Agreed then, no doors, no coffee cup holders or ashtrays. Piece of crap then
  7. Nowhere to jam the log sheet board into either, no bog roll hanging down to clean the screens with. Very shoddy.
  8. Remember the Sonar 184 consoles of the 70/80's had coffe cup holders, ashtrays (built in), Upmarket rolls of 4"x 2" and the Sonar Contoller often had one of those stylish clips in his pocket to put all of his chinagraph pens in. I suppose they could afford them on a UC1's rate of pay.
  9. So where do you put the key to turn it on then?
  10. Being the technophobe that I am I'd given this thread a thorough ignoring initially but got inquisitive. Very interesting, thanks janner. Looks surprisingly primitive to me, but I know bugger all about such stuff.
  11. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


    Brought back a long-forgotten memory of those occasional condensation/hydraulic oil drips landing right down the back of my neck whilst sat at the after planes for many a black-lighting middle, :shudder:

    (The most comfortable seat aboard though.)
  12. I thought that to begin with, but when you're wearing gloves bigger than fearnoughts you need big buttons. You don't want to press the wrong one!

  13. Sure it was Hydraulic/Condensation???????????
  14. You may even be right ('twas dark dontcha know?)..... I believe you were right once before. :evil4:
  15. Where's the STOP button??
  16. O-N / O-F-F. Switch?
  17. Rule....Before learning how to Start a machine.....Learn how to Stop it........this reduces stress in your life and may keep you, and others, alive longer

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