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Discovery Channel Series - FUTURE FIREPOWER

Bad CO

Just had this in by email.

I am writing from a TV company in the UK, Darlow Smithson Productions,to inform you that a brand new Discovery Channel series, FUTURE FIREPOWER, will premiere tomorrow, May 9 2013, in a three-part marathon in one night, from 2000hrs - 2300hrs ET/1900hrs - 2200hrs CT. This explosive series will reveal all behind the next generation of 21st century weapons.

Here's a link to the series on Discovery Channel's website, which includes series information and some great clips -
Future Firepower : Discovery Channel.

You can also read about this explosive series on our company website:
Darlow Smithson Productions: Darlow Smithson

The episodes TOMORROW are:

Episode 1: Rogue State (Thursday, May 9 at 8|7c)
Episode 2: Superpowers (Thursday, May 9 at 9|8c)
Episode 3: Asymmetric War (Thursday, May 9 at 10|9c)

Bad CO

Also a trailer for Episode 1: Rogue State is now up on YouTube -

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