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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Nutty, May 17, 2008.

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  1. See Saturdays Telegraph. The Government and MOD are asking that Companies give discount to Servicemen in Uniform. Is this a sensible move or just meaningless spin from Senior Officers/Civil Servants/Ministers who have run out of any sensible ideas.


  2. Got discounts in Swindon during the Firefighters strike 77ish so if the Forces are popular there is no need for the government to ask.

    But its nice for the lads to get the support from the Government that theyve deserved for a long time, shame its not as good as the Septics support their forces at home.
  5. I am currently working with a load of ex USN /USMC guys and not only did they get discounts when serving they also get a lot of discounts and benefits after they leave. Having said that, the RN treats it's troops a hell of a lot better and pays much more, I would rather have that than the discounts.
    After all, it's just a job, why would you justify giving the forces discounts when not to the police or nurses etc.?

  6. If anyone joins the Forces Reunited forum, you can obtain the Forces Discount Card. It covers 100s of retailers. Well worth a look.


    Regards, Chris
    EX CY

  7. Well plenty of shops justify giving students a discount. So giving a discount to people who put there lives on the line for the country cant be that hard to justify.
    I mean what do students do? Apart from sit around and smoke weed and go to lessons twice a week?
  8. I don't really agree with student discounts either. As far as the putting your lives on the line for your country remark, well, I think you will find most of us did it for the money, not our country.
  9. And if a poster on a student's website was to characterise all servicemen as drunken, knuckle dragging neanderthals........................ :farao:

    Plenty of places already give a discount, all you have to do is ask. Don't forget that companies only offer discounts in order to increase sales.
    Lets not get our heads stuck up our arses We do a difficult and occasionlly dangerous job, sometimes quite well. So do a lot of other folk. Should they get discounts as well? If you dont like the rewards package we currently receive, press the button on JPA.

    click here for even more forces discounts
  10. When i joined i took a large pay cut so it wasnt for the money.
  11. OK, you're special then, well done.
  12. When I joined it was to learn a trade, to see the world and of course the money.
    Nothing to do with serving my country.
    I have no regrets and still enjoy seeing the pension being paid into the bank.
    So just give me the money :thumright:
  13. They would have to be offering pretty big discounts before I'd bother going ashore in rig just to save money.
  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Mi teechors sayd Oi wuz spesial two :dwarf:
  15. fleet week in NY late 90's on a flat top - dont know which one they all look the same.

    went ashore in whites and even i managed to get a snifter of yank, however due to the amount of ice-cream suits getting wrecked and caps being traded they soon relaxed rig
  16. The scheme will not be available in Peterborough, allegedly, wouldn't want the Crabs upsetting the 'Natives' would we.
  17. The only reason the Armed Forces are perceived as needing more support from the civvy population is because they are seen as the instruments of VERY unpopular Government Policy. The quickest way to improve the standing of the Forces is for the Government to withdraw them fron Iraq and Afghanistan. All this crap about discounts for anyone wearing uniform in public is a total load of bollocks and masks the true source of the problem. The Forces weren't unpopular after the Falklands were they!
  18. What is the point of having armed forces?

    Not my view, but the next logical argument of those who would prefer we were not here.

    The forces weren't unpopular during the Falklands, were they!
  19. The point of the Armed Forces is to ensure the security of the British People and their Dependent Territories. The reason we are having all this trouble with our public image at the moment is that the British People cannot see the connection between what we are being asked to do in Iraq and Afghanistan, and their own security.
  20. While I agree with you concerning the popularity of the wars. You vote a Goverment in and have to go along with what thay say you cannot pick and choose. In the UK it goes much deeper than that. Most European Countries respect and support their armed forces what ever the Goverment asks them to do. In the USA support for the Forces is sky high whilst support for the Mid East wars has all but collapsed. It is really the attitude that the British public have towards the armed forces in general going back to the 70's when they became more and more distant from the forces.


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