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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by brazenhussy, Jun 17, 2007.

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  1. Ok medical types-

    My OH, ex LMEM, left the RN in 2004 in medcat P7RD - he left through notice given NOT MBOS.
    At the time he could not withdraw his notice due to the medcat - but they could not raise him to P2 as he was not medically fit enough. He broke his foot, the 5th metatarsal (excuse spelling!) in 1997, spent 6 weeks in plaster, then out of plaster, no physio and RTB (Hms Fearless).
    Since then ,on his tiffs course he acquired shin splints - and it went downhill.
    He is now unable to fully weightbear, or turn his foot to the inside, nor can he fully extend.
    He has had physio - were he was told he had a damaged Achilles, and also one course of cortisone injection into the initial injury site.
    The reason fro my post is would he have a viable claim against the RN, or can anyone shed some advice.
    Many thanks,

    BH xx
  2. Re: left P7RD

    Why was he initially made PR7D?
  3. Re: left P7RD

    He was drafted to HMS Cardiff in 2001, after 12 months shoreside, and being a stoker, and legging it up and down shedloads of ladders etc, his foot gave way!
    Due to topmast he went shoreside and began physio, under the direction of the PMO at Haslar -, also one treatment of cortisone, however after 6 months of this the physio said there was nothing more they could do, his cuboid was misaligned and it needed further investigation - due to proximity of leaving RN, this never happened- hence being discharged P7RD.
    His foot now is permanently swollen over the cuboid area, he has restricted movement, and swelling on the ankle joint.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: left P7RD

    Not a medic, obviously & hindsight being a marvellous thing: I honestly don't understand why he didn't take his notice out, the mob would've said "no, not fit" & been forced into a MBOS.

    Happened to a stoker working with me in Rosyth fire school at the 9 years done, due to leave stage, but with a badly broken leg when a wire parted on the Dumbarton Castle. Told him to sign on, even though he didn't want to. RN said "No, not fit" & he got enough to set up his own business cleaning tanks on ships for the RN- won't say the name but most have probably heard of the company.

    Ah, jumpers for goalposts, eh?

    Anyway, best bet mate is the RBL- they're shit-hot on this sort of thing & if you're wasting your time they will tell you.
  5. Re: left P7RD

    he tried to remove his notice but was told he could not because he was p7rd
    and would have to wait till p2 again
  6. Re: left P7RD

    He actually broke it onboard HMS Fearless ramp= the one from flight deck to tank deck.
    just dragged out his discharge notes, but no medcat on there - but on his last write up it clearly states he was in a reduced medcat.
    At no point was he made in the running for MBOS- I personally know this as at the time I was WMO Med Office Manager.
  7. Re: left P7RD

    You need to find the hirts Certificate(MOD Form 298,i think but dont quote me)
  8. Re: left P7RD

    He never received a hurt certificate mate - thats another reason i asked for advice on here-
  9. Re: left P7RD

    Looks like sombody slipped up there Brazen.
  10. Re: left P7RD

    If your still in then BR 1991 will have the answer,
    I'm fairly sue you need NSMBOS permision to go outside in reduced medcat, I think the upshot is if reasonably expected to be fully fit in 6 months, which this dude wasn't/isn't. I would speak to the pensions people in blackpool as they will be able to give you the tools you need.
  11. Re: left P7RD

    When it first happened he spent a week in the ward in nelson (in the old days when there was a ward)- waiting for the swelling to go down - then as already
    said plastered for 6 weeks then RTB.

    Sorry to be a pain on here - but was unsure as to correct procedures.
    At no point was an MBOS mentioned - and again as previously mentioned I was LH in the WMO Med office so i knew what was going on- despite being the "wife"!!

    He did try to withdraw his notice, but was constantly told "due to medcat you cant - it wont be accepted / etc etc"- so on his leaving medical the civvy doc at nelson left him in medcat P7RD.

    Cheers for all your help guys;
    BH and a disgruntled Ex LMEM( Steamy_Stokes)!!!XXXXXX
  12. im not an expert but yip if he had notice in and was downgraded then its up to navy if they decide to allow him to withdraw notice.Can you try and get his navy medical docs under new rules of freedom of information???.i reckon you do have a case and the legion will help.
  13. I found that the war pensions people in Blackpool arer eally helpful. You may even get a pension from them. Leigon of course but there is always the problem of date of initial injury for litigation, believe it is 10 years so be quick and register your complaint.
    If you go down that route you may not receive teh full pensionable entitlement.
    I let my injury date slip by just a few weeks so could not sue. However I did get a monthly war pension & by that also get a war pensioners disability allowance & a park anywhere badge too..

    hope that helps

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