Discharged from the army can i join the navy

I was discharged from the army in 2001 by a district court martial for AWOL been young and stupid enough to run away from all my problems then,
i know now it has had a life changing affect on me still wanting to mould a great career in the armed forces i feel at my age (27 yrs) it is basicly my last and final shot at doing something with my life for me and my long term partner and child, I understand i may well not be aloud in due to been discharged from the army,
As it is what i want to do so much if given a second chance will prove myself within my chosen career,
I feel i let myself down when i went AWOL basicly running away from bullies in my unit, I was only young then and the easiest thing to do was to run home to my parents, I have done a great deal of growing up since then,
would i be able to join the navy or wasting my time to even fill out the forms,
Your discharge certificate will be worded in such a way as to give an indication of whether or not you can join up again, though it may not be immediately obvious to the casual reader. Go to your local AFCO and talk to them, taking any paperwork you still have with you.


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Wayne: Welcome to the Rum Ration.

Based on what you have said, you were dismissed by a Military court (rather than a Civil one) some time ago, and the conviction is now 'spent' (i.e. expired, in accordance with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974) and will not have resulted in a criminal record (unles there are other factors we are unaware of at the moment); additionally future employers be not able to refer to it (in excess of five years since the date of conviction).

However I would strongly recommend contacting your local AFCO to discuss with them whether this conviction would have any impact on any future employment by the Armed Forces. However Ninja Stoker or Supermario (both AFCO Officers) may be along here soon to clarify...

thank you for your help i have arranged an apointment for tuesday at careers office,
just hope all goes well for me and able to start the ball rolling


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Best of luck Wayne.

Generally from an AFCO perspective, unless you were "hoofed-out" because of some heinous crime, as long as the rehabilitation period has expired & you can readily produce your discharge papers (Army Red Book), then your application will be processed.

After the AFCO has obtained your former service medical records, service records & Army Form B200 (Discipline Record), we will request permission to process your application.

Be aware, obtaining your former service documentation can take 3 months & gaining permission to process another month or so. If you were discharged on a drugs issue, or a series of AWOL charges, it's possibly worth saving you the bus-fare by telling you to try elsewhere. Otherwise... it's at least worth a shot.
I have the same sort of problem,

(kind of)

Today i was dudt from initial recruit training at HMS Raleigh.

I have being given a 3 year leave period before i can reapply does this apply to all services, army, raf, rm, what about the RFA?

If i could join the rfa i would be in the careers office tommorow.

Thanks for any help/


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A 3 year bar from service is rather extreme & indicates serious issues regarding future potential employability within ANY service.

The Army, RAF & RFA will require a full background check before considering an application from a former RN recruit who was DUDT under such extreme conditions.

You are, quite simply, the architect of your own demise.


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ParodyUK said:
So would it be best to leave it lie a bit month or 2 before applying or get straigth back up show im willing and re apply next week?
You really seem to have missed the point regarding the reason for your discharge as unsuitable during training.

36 months is a more realistic consideration.
Thanks for unscrambling that acronym Ninja, I was just about to ask the inevitable oldies question.
I imagine that corresponds to being UFFT (Unfit For Further Training), which was the acronym in my day?



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2badge_mango said:
I imagine that corresponds to being UFFT (Unfit For Further Training), which was the acronym in my day?
Yes, it usually applies to those of that ilk who are simply not suited to the service at this time & places a caveat upon the timescale that must elapse before they may wish to re-apply.

A young, immature individual, maybe recommended to re-apply in a year or two. Older individuals are discouraged from bothering.
wet_blobby said:
Where you kicked out for being bone and a bit slow on the uptake? :roll:
I think you'd actually need to be lobotomized before this was a possibility.

Even then, there's always a steady stream of aircraft handlers... so maybe the lobotomy isn't a bar to entry.
Looking at the RN website about the RFA, I am actually now wondering if the medical is the same as the RN or would I be able to have a chance for RFA, anybody?
It depends on your Discharge Certificate? We (the RFA) use (in most cases) the same rules as the RN. The RFA address is on the website www.rfa.mod.uk , send in a copy of your discharge cert with a covering letter and we'll let you know.

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