War Hero
OK...smack the Skipper!! Feet wont touch the ground! :grin: :grin:

(seems no one wants to give you a good suggestion eh??)
Hire a solicitor to argue that as your salary is paid monthly, that should be your term of notice and threaten the European Court of Human Rights if they disagree. you'll be out in a month just to keep you quiet.
there is no quick way- unless you're really desperate then take a class A drug and declare it to the reg staff( actually any type of drug) - then spend a bit of time on holiday and hit civvy street!!!!!!!

Failing that put in your notice - if you find a job and get an offer the mob may give you early release - dependant on branch/ unit/ etc........
pjmliverpool said:
At this point, for safety's sake, I shall remain anon
(sorry BH)

clue: frog
do NOT insult my intelligence-
after 16 yrs i know a wind up and now this IS a wind up- bog off and grow up :evil:
pjmliverpool said:
ok BH (sorry)

On holding at the moment to become a CD. Just "fishing" for feedback/info from honest individuals like yourselves.
so ur not in the mob then? stop wasting peoples time time by posting crap posts then hun - decide FIRST


War Hero
Stripey_G said:
They'd only laugh....!! :grin: :wink: Besides...MA's want you to do that all the time!!

No we dont! :grin: :grin: :grin:

Of course you could bugger the Padre for a quick release!


Lantern Swinger
If You are not in yet then when you do get in you have 6 months were you can leave within 2 weeks. after that its a 2 and half years after your trade training is complete you can put you 1 years notice in.
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