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It's likely I'm looking at a discharge through alcohol after 19 years service.
Been on/off downgraded for 4 years.
Most recent is 10months.
Was offered NMBOS 2 years ago but wanted to stay in so it was honoured.
I'm now downgraded again and in 2 months looking at definate NMBOS.
Problem..............during last 4 years whilst downgraded I have had alcohol related offences both civilian and navy where I've used alcohol as a coping mechanism to get through bad situations. Ultimately destroying me and my career bit by bit. I've been diagnosed by civilian hospital so navy are finally helping but executive wise its looking too late.
I'll be going to CDR table just before xmas where it is most likely that I'll be discharged for accumulation of alcohol offences.
Annoying thing is that after begging them to help me for years, it took to go civilian to get them to recognise my illness, subsequently forcing them to treat me properly but I feel its too late even though im on the road to recovery.
I was a PO demoted to LH this year.....all I want to do is get better and continue a career which I adore.
My divisional system is outwith my branch where im not known and it feels as though they're just waiting for me to be kicked out.
I just don't know where I stand anymore or what to do to save my career, family and life.


Will the command accept my illness and keep me in knowing it might NMBOS me? Or take an easy decision and discharge me through discipline?
Professional wise....I have great reports.
Deeming me an asset.


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Shipmate... I think you probably know that this isnt the place you’re going to get the answers or help you’re looking for. You need to be speaking to your DO or one or the various welfare organisations outside the CoC for advice.


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Just out of interest, did you volunteer for either the 1 day or 5 day alcohol awareness courses. When I was a DO you could make someone attend the 1 day course (and I did for a couple of lads) but the person involved had to request the 5 day one, which is also admitting you have a problem which is half the battle.


I've done the 1 day.
I also attend AA.
I volunteered for the 5 Day course but the CO of the recovery cell wont put me on it because he says its a myth.
As in......according to him everyone goes on a piss up on the Friday after it.
So.....he won't put me on it


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I've done the 1 day.
I also attend AA.
I volunteered for the 5 Day course but the CO of the recovery cell wont put me on it because he says its a myth.
As in......according to him everyone goes on a piss up on the Friday after it.
So.....he won't put me on it
That could work in your favour but I've no idea what can/will happen TBH.


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if you have done everything in your power, bar not drinking. Like any review for what may be a mental illness, you will need to go to the table with all info in your favour, RN not helping, having to go to civy docs for help, before RN will help, being stopped from a RN 5 day alcohol course. If you are not able to speak for yourself take someone who can, Naval Welfare, a solicitor ?
if you manage to stay in they will watch you like an hawk, one drink and your out. I have family members with alcohol related issue, who use it as a comfort blanket, they can stay sober for years, but when the triggers are hit, one drink and they are wasted for days or weeks, does any Skipper want that time bomb onboard?
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Not quite that simple Sumo.

The Navy taught me how to drink to excess. That was the way you dealt with problems arising from service.
if you have control of the drink and not the other way around it is, if you struggle to say no and stick to it, there may be a problem.
I was a heavy drinker, when on jollies or runs ashore, on skimmer's occasional parties at sea, on boat didn't drink at sea, fall out from harbour stations if not duty, a different matter.
eventually go inboard to cabin, rack out then wake up wondering if morning or night. Go into corridors to find other mess members with same issue, we would look out of window, if passer's by had on No8's it was breakfast, if civvies' super, what day it wad?


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Drinking Rum at Breakfast doesn't make you an alcoholic - it makes you a pirate :confused::confused: Sorry but had to be said.

In all seriousness 'Best of luck gcee29;. I hope you get the result that is right for you & the mob.

During my time on the Plymouth (Rosyth based & full of Sweaties), you could hear cans of McEwans being cracked while some of the boys were still in their bunks at Call the Hands while they lit up a dog end from the previous night. Don't tell me it was Irn Bru because it wasn't.

Me and my Oppo used to stow a few tinnies in our respirator case while at action stations San Carlos 82 and during a lull in the action would sneak into the V/S store in the mast for a livener - happy days..
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