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Discussion in 'UPO' started by Warren, Jul 17, 2014.

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  1. I'm trying to find out exactly what the standard discharge paperwork usually is. I'm applying for a few jobs and some ask about discharge paperwork.

    I was formerly a junior officer submariner who left under a medical discharge in 2008.

    At the time i recieved the usual P45, and pension lump sum letters and subsequent pension related paperwork.

    I was homeless for 3 weeks when i left the service, but all the other paperwork arrived ok when i moved in and gave glasgow my address, so i wonder if that would have had an impact on discharge papers??

    With a search on here bringing up others getting a certificate of discharge, i wonder if mine was lost in the post or if it was ever issued?? Not sure if it's different slightly for former officers.

    Is there any form or paperwork i can request when i do an SAR on my service records that would show if and when this was issued??

  2. All I got was a P45 and a service certificate turned up a few weeks later. Don't recall getting anything else.
  3. Do you know what triggers the issue of the service certificate??

    If its typical the P45 comes first, then as i recieved that, I should have had a service certificate a few weeks later (when i wasnt sleeping on a sofa and had my own place!!!).
  4. I believe it's just an automatic thing? I had my own house so my address was the same as when I served. I'm not sure if you can get another one but there is a link on the RNA website to the address to contact, I can't copy it on here as apple doesn't show it (tried yesterday for one of our members).

    PM me your details and I'll find the link on Monday and send it to you.
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  5. If Officers do get the same Certificate of Service, it clearly states on the certificate that you only get one and no duplicates will be issued.
  6. WreckerL, I presume that is on the assumption it was sent out in the first place and subsequently lost in post??

    Could do with a writer or someone who knows how JPA works to answer really. Wouldnt surprise me if some silly form has to be filled in or some box checked on JPA to get it sent out and if so, would there be a record of this form or computer process anywhere.

  7. I have had two certificates of service issued to me already and I'm not yet outside. They may say only one can be issued or they can't even issue one, but a word with the CPO and the writer had a change of heart.
  8. so that would imply there is an internal mechanism to request one then?? be it old fashioned paperwork or something on the computer systems?
  9. The form I'm on about is the Certificate of Discharge (form RN S1560) which you receive when you leave, as it states on the form, duplicates cannot be issued but you may apply for a statement of service.

    Your Certificate of Service (S.459) is a different kettle of fish altogether.

    Apart from that I also received a Certificate of Qualifications (form RN S2616) and the job description of an MEA(LSM) (form RN S437N).

    It may be different for the OP as he was an officer (and not a greenie tiff obviously).
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  10. Judging by the comments, I strongly suspect that what the OP wants is a Valedictory Certificate (all officers are entitled to one). I've pm'ed a number that might be able to help out, but the BR 3 is useless when it comes to Officers on a medical discharge.
  11. I am not certain of what would have happened in 2008, but I have recently received:

    Discharge Certificate - A5 sized hand written certificate with dates of joining and leaving. Given to me by the UPO when I did my release routine.

    Service Certificate - 5 pages of A4 generated from JPA information. More or less a summary of my service history and other details in JPA such as competencies and courses. This was sent to me at the 'address after discharge' that I put into JPA when I filled in the Pension Application. I am pretty sure that it is the pension application that triggers the process in JPA.

    Valedictory Letter - A 'nice' letter from the Second Sea Lord saying thank you very much for your service and listing a few key points such as the ships I served in and significant operations. This was initiated by the Career Manager with the information from JPA.

    I would suggest getting in touch with SVPA if you are missing anything.
  12. I wasn't even aware it was called a Valedictory Certificate so learn something new everyday!

    I shall see what the contacts I've been pm'd turn up now i know what to ask for.
  13. It's actually the 9 months left of service which triggers the actions required. (I have to do my section up to 15 months or so) Which, being the case, means that a CM may have accidentally dropped the ball on a couple of actions due to it being medical. Unfortunately, because of the nature of MBOS, a CM can't make an assumption one way or another.

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