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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by jambosun, Jan 4, 2008.

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  1. Morning all,

    Can anybody tell me if 'Discharge Obese' is still a valid category for discharge from the RN. Somebody asked me recently and I know it used to be but cannot find BR 8748(?) anywhere. I was just wondering because in the past (early 90s)I had seen people warned that they would be discharged for being hugely overweight but do people actually get thrown out for this nowadays? There seems to be a number of seriously fat people in the RN and I would not want to be behind any of them in a race to the kidney hatch. Whilst society appears to be getting fatter overall and the Armed Forces are a reflection of that society it is embarrassing to see so many lardies of all ranks & rates wobbling around in uniform (some of which has to be specially made!). I'm no racing snake myself but in my 40s can still do the fitness test in 10 mins 12 secs.

    Anyway, grateful if somebody can let me know.

  2. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Don't know if that category is still applicable, but it shouldn't get that far because the RNFT would more than likely be the primary reason for discharge.

    Fat knacker would have failed RNFT, attended and failed remedials, had salad lessons from sickbay and failed to pay attention = discharge SNLR.

    It is done - I have turfed out a JR in my unit for the above - he had clear warning and almost a year to achieve a fitness goal, plus lots of help. He's now discharged, foolish youth.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    There have been many discharged for failing the RNFT. They must pass the Pre joining Fitness Test (PJFT), at their own expense, before they may re-apply to join. (They may not be accepted back either, depending on the discharge category)

    The RN, whilst far from perfect, is considerably fitter overall than it was before the introduction of the RNFT & the PJFT. Rest assured our forebears were larger - hence the bigger ships!

    Doubtless those that served previously will think otherwise.
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Ninja, I don't remember any portly diesel boat men, perhaps it was the addition of diesel to all food stuffs keeping you regular that helped. Mind you Nutty and I have made up for it since and now support well filled manly frames :thumright:
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    ..and there's me thinking you had to run forward to dive on the diesel boats.

    Ah well, every day's a school day! (Flood Q & all that :joker: )
  7. Lurpacks , dont you love em , sorry .
  8. To be honest, I'm not sure. I've not heard of anyone recently being discharged obese - as has been stated, Executive action for failing to pass RNFT is more common. The problem is obviously with those who can opt for the Rockport Walk, which is still possible even if carrying a few pounds.

    With my sympathetic hat on, I see it as a willpower thing - like giving up smoking, if you want to then you will. Pain is weakness leaving the body and all that!

    And before someone flashes, yes medicine can help people lose weight, and there are a couple (literally) of medical conditions which can make people obese but, frankly, putting the fork down is the most effective!
  9. I had wondered why the Government have been slimming down the RN, and now we know that they've been (mis?)using BR8748 to dispose over sized warships that cannot fit into a tiddly standard blue suit. Any ship with a displacement exceeding 150Kg (yes you read that right) be warned!!! Broon is out to get ya! ;) :biggrin:
  10. Couple that with the pathetic serving you get now on the core meal for pay as you dine.....we are all being stealth taxed and now slimmed...by browne and his gang...lol!!!
  11. Bless! :biggrin:

    How else do you think they're go to pay for their salary increases? The efficiency savings have to be made somewhere! ;)
  12. Thanks for the answers everybody. Some of the lard arses I have seen do not look as if they could complete the Rockport Walk and I imagine the most exercise they get is driving to McDonalds! Is there a cut off in terms of rank as certainly there are plenty of lardy officers and SRs? But I imagine having created skilled individuals we wouldn't wish to lose them just because of extra poundage! Are our fitness standards much lower than the RAF and Army? If they are then we really should take some pride in ourselves and raise them to a suitable level.
  13. i remember the egg,apple and Orange diet obese poeple had to do at Haslar
  14. I do not know the statistics "angrydoc" but I hear this from all over the population of fatties, "it is my genes or a medical condition." There is only one answer, and that is calories in and work/exercise out. I never saw one of those poor souls still alive and fat on newsreel coverage of Auschwitz.
    I did serve with one young Sub-Lt who had to go down as low as 800 kcals to lose a little weight and he was active in work, sport and exercise.
  15. At the end of the day, we employ people in far more sedentary occupations than the army/raf. Even the best equipped ship cannot provide any thing like the exercise facilities found in a land based facility.We have an extremely expensive PT branch that is more focused on justifying the RNFT than promoting a healthy lifestyle, and is certainly not interested in going to sea(my ship has had 5 LPTs in the past year). The funding of exercise equipment still has to come from charities/grants or from the personal resources of individuals. Of course, the caterer is not going to get any points for providing healthy options on the menu, as long as his budget is in the black. Its not like we could afford to pension of all of us fatties!I Maybe we need to learn to be a bit more tolerant of peoples differences.
  16. There's a range of urban myths about what doctors say to fatties - ranging from "there weren't any fatties in Belzen" to my personal favourite:
    Doc: "You need to lose weight"
    Patient: "I can't doctor - it's my glands"
    Doc: "What - you ate them too?"
  17. Au contraire Ninj - I entirely agree with you. As a young, slim, eighteen year old (!) I worked with a succession of overweight leading and senior rates in the 50s and 60s. Two L/Cooks(O) were so large that they were P7R on account of not being able to negotiate a normal escape hatch. I wasn't aware that they were on any particular remedial routine, or if they were, they were certainly abusing it. One PO Cook(O) used to boast of only being able to fulfil his marital obligations by laying flat on his back and obliging his other half to do all the work! AND he picked up his buttons whilst still serving ashore! A CPO Steward at Heron in the 60s, used to have to sit down and rest after walking from the Chiefs' Mess to the Wardroom to turn to. His "bay window" was so large that he had to do a soft shoe shuffle when turning round to avoid overbalancing. I don't know what the Senior Rates' medical categories were, but I echo the sentiments expressed earlier regarding the kidney hatch!
    I took some fairly porky kids through training in the late 60s too!!

  18. The first fitness ''test '' began in the late /mid seventies it was a run around a football pitch so many times in a set time .Failures were warned of the consequences but there was no hard and fast rules.

    There was also a ''law'' in the RN that men over age 35 were not required to double march .

    I can't remember seeing any real heavy guys in the Submarine service ,stocky and possible middle age spread but definately not flabby.

    :nemo: :nemo:
  19. I heard a dit recently that 60% of SR submariners are ood RNFT.
  20. This is probably linked to the fact that for the forthcoming CPO/WO2 to WO1 (Tech and Non Tech, GS and SM) board I believe that 80 percent of those eligible for presentation for the board where listed as being out of date for RNFT on JPA

    It is not necessarily the case that they are out of date but the PT staff have not recorded their RNFT status onto JPA. This is pretty shocking for a board sitting in 2008 when JPA went on line for RN in November 2006 and quite worrying if you are up for selection because if JPA says you are not in date for RNFT you will be filtered and the board won't even consider you

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