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No not that bodily fluid discharge. We know that most of you only ever managed that once as well. 2bagde_mango posted this in another thread and as we have never discussed the day Pusser chucked you out of the Barracks Gate with no ID Card I thought we could run a thread.

I quote 2badge_mango

Aug 1975.
Walked into Guzz barracks, ex foreign service leave/EVT/terminal leave after almost 24 years, presented ID card to young killick writer (who was sat in office with feet on desk listening to cricket commentary). He said, "Thanks Chief", tore it up, and ditched it in the gash bucket. I then left Drake by main gate, walked to Torpoint ferry, hoisting in the fact that I could no longer enter Drake, or the dockyard and was thence "persona non grata".

Took a long time before I could adjust myself to civvy life.

BUT - I had had the privilege of drinking REAL rum for fifteen years of my time and knowing the comradeship and banter that went with it.


Edited to add - I was no longer skin at that time! " Unquote

I myself, entered Victory Barracks at 8 am on Monday morning direct from one of Her Majesties sleek black messengers of death. After ambling about for about four hours. I had never ever been inside the main gate of V Barracks before so had to locate each and every office. Getting my card stamped, passing over some D/F's for items I wished to retain and having little banter with the totally uninterested staff I reached the Regulating Office by the Main Gate and handed over my ID card.

At 12 noon I stood outside the Main Gate without that comfort blanket of three meals a day, a bed and a wedge of cash every two weeks that had been my right for nearly 12 years.

All this without even a hand shake from some Sub Lt. or Chief. "Thanks for popping along Nutty for 12 years to help us out". "Any time you are passing come in and have a pint" Just feck off we now have no interest in you unless you feck up on your 4 weeks discharge leave.

Very disappointing after all that time.


PS I WAS still skin
I believe they were talking about introducing a discharge ceremony if you have completed your 22 alongside a handfull of other leavers; a few flags, certificate and shake from the hand by the naval base commander. I think it's a good idea.
Over the pond when they leave the Navy they retain their ID card albeit amended to read 'Retired' which gives them access to the base facilites and makes them feel a little more wanted.
I walked out of Pompey barracks with absolutely no preparation for the outside world, no job and nowhere to live.
The whatnames had kept me at sea until 2 weeks before dishcharge and even put me on duty watch the day before leaving (taking the tickets at the old Temeraire swimming pool).
I later learned they even tried to recall me to be a witness at a courts martial, but couldn't track me down.
Looking back it was not a good experience but it did make me switch 'muy pronto' into civilian mode, no time to ponder my predicament.
In the end the good ladies at the armed forces housing office in Brighton found me a flat, which I later bought under Maggies right to buy plan; setting me nicely on the property ladder.
So in the end I am now grateful for what seemed, at the time, rough treatment.
I could have simply copied the entire contents of Nuttys experience - mine was exactly the same! No bells or whistles, no "thank you very much" - in fact, diddly squat!
I do remember that the first pint tasted completely different as a civvy!
I was drafted to Rosyth FEC "For Discharge" a couple of months before I started terminal leave.

I walked into the Hunt building to see the same old tired faces from the last time I was there. I toed the line all week,returning AGR, getting rubber stamps in all the right boxes, etc, and then I was threatened with working on the Saturday.

I politely declined the offer, then told them that I didn't want to work at all.

So I went home.

I was waiting for the knock on the door, but it never came, so I presumed they didn't give a shit either.

I went back to hand my ID card back, and that was the anti climax to my naval career.


Lantern Swinger
My experience was much like the rest of you. Arrived in Pompey Barracks at 0800, spent all morning trawling around uninterested people handing my kit etc in. Also being told by everyone that I would be back as everyone comes back.
Handing my ID card in at 1200 and being asked to step lively as they were expecting the C in C to arrive any minute and they didn't want me by the gate.
I had joined the mob straight from school so had only ever been a jack, so standing outside barracks with no rig and no kitbag and no orders felt very strange.
Pretty much the same although dropped into resettlement to say goodbye.
In between stamps drinking hot chocolate in the Naafi watching P7R,s throwing their cash at the bandit.
Watching the Reggie choke when he asked where i could be contacted,gave him my Hong Kong address!.
Walked out that gate and felt free although with a twinge of insecurity so headed down to the Anson for few sherbits and it didn,t feel like a DTS anymore.
Flew out of the UK that night and have never been back since!!!!!
Left from Faslane 10 yrs ago today. Found it all a bit sad after nearly 24 yrs.
Late afternoon ID card cut in half and thats it, escorted out the gate!
Anyway the big 50 today,officially middle aged. I,m off to drown my sorrows.

Where the hell does the time go!!!
1983 after 6 years of service I decided to get out. First thing I noticed was there were 3 yeomen working on reenlistments (of which there were few) while one overworked yeoman was working on separations (of which there were many). Even though a qualified Submariner & a Torpedoman 2nd Class, I was assigned the job of sweeping & swabbing the floors of the Separations section of the Personnel building. After three days of this I was given "one last chance" to re-up. Young bored officer told me about the reenlistment bonus for the umpteenth time.

Officer: "Don't you realize that if you give us 6 years you will get $16,000?

Me: "Don't you realize I can go home, steal $16,000 and I won't get 6 years?"

Next day I was out. No hand shake, no thanks.
Guzz 1979 - three hours trotting around, an hour for a last few pints in DRAKE PO's mess. Then filling in a qustionnaire about why I was leaving (allegedly anonymous, so why did I have to sign it?), a handful of literature on how to join the RNR, then don't get into trouble on your terminal leave and off you go. Totally faceless - I believe at one time all SR's going outside had an interview with the Commodore, but he obviously wasn't playing that day. Pity, he was one of my old skippers on VALIANT.
My relief joined in Faslane in '94; just after CSST work up. My last sea time and it had to be a bloody work up. I left with a couple of other lads who'd also volunteered for redundancy.

My relief was manking about why he couldn't have joined in Guzz in a couple of weeks time. 'I've done the fcukin' work up for ya....what more do you want', ungrateful git! I showed him where his bunk was and as he was such a pissed off little Hector I passed him onto the CHOPS (S) and disowned him.

I walked off the brow determined not to look back. After what seemed like an age on the bloody train I got home for leave, about two months worth. It was accumulated sea going leave and I used the time to buy a house (what a move that was....it cost me £38K and is now worth £160K and rising - it wasn't worth £38K).

In HMS Drake a very harrassed Lreg gave me a joining routine card for barracks and said get this stamped......then took it back and said 'ah bollocks, have you got a job to go to; yes, good...then just ring in every week or so'.
So for my last three months I was on paid leave in the countryside and fixing up the house.

I popped into SM2 just before discharge for a chat with the Cdr SM and COXN SM. They made a point of touching bases in saying goodbye to thank me for my service and to remind me of several phone numbers I can ring anytime 'if you need to'. I then I gave my ID card to a LWRN who smiled very nicely and said 'you may not want to watch this'. She then cut it in two with a pair of carpet scissors; no mucking about.....snip; and that was me - a civvy.

I walked out of barracks and once again was determind to not look back....ever! I didn't and have not been anywhere near Guzz in thirteen years; I haven't been away long enough yet to feel the urge to go back. I will though; but not yet! I miss the sea bigtime. It's in my blood now
Possible reason for the disinterest about Jack leaving in the late 70s were because there were so many of us, who put our notice in before Thatcher (SPIT) got in, and had made their minds up to go, regardless of who got elected. Would've been nice to have had someone to say "Ta, thank's for coming".
After 17 years I handed in my ID card at Jagos Mansion after doing an anal leaving routine with stamps from all kinds of weird places and was given a poxy photocopied certificate thanking me for my service, a generic one at that.
Pissed me off so I sent it back to the CO of Drake with a letter of indignation and got a better one back with my name and rank on it.
Might seem petty, but then again, I was a Petty Officer.......
Was quite sad on the day and felt pissed off after all those years of service when I went back for a medical a couple of months later and had to be escorted to the sickbay by a civvy.


Lantern Swinger
I left in 92 no one gave a shit.Did I want to see the Commodore at 1500 this being 1200 no thanks matee!!
Did 22 years my pongo mates were dined out by the Mess President a lot of ceremonial A load of obblox but very heart warming


War Hero
Sounds like the routine hasn't changed then, I got my final draft chit on Friday via JPA, it says "your last working day is 14th May 2008, you will be required to attend your unit and return your ID card and AGR on 11th June......... bye!" (I made the last bit up :thanks: )

The least I expected was the Royal Marine Band to march me out of the gate after 25 years in, or a gold watch maybe? By the sounds of it and reading some of the JPA terminal horror stories om ARSSE I won't even see my gratuity or pension for a few months!
Due outside 3 Sep, still working aboard in the Med 15 Aug, advised had to stay onboard until return to Pompey
Arrived Pompey 1 Sep at 10:00 No1s see skipper, I understand you are leaving to day, BZ for your work onboard, enjoy yourtime ashore
(If ANY single one DO/Skip/Josh had asked me Do you want to stay on I would have signed, but I must say not doing this made me feel unwanted)

I then had a lash up drinks by oppos, and was guided down the gangway at noon, with a ticket to Rosyth

Arrived at Rosyth for discharge a day after my time was up, and joining routine advised I was Duty watch down the pit
The accomodation I was given although modern was disgusting, broken lockers and beds (the napoleonic accomodation at St Vincent when I joined up all those years ago was five star in comparison)

Next day after not doing duty watch, I returned all my kit had my ID card torn up infront of me, and wandered out of the gate at 10:00

The hardest part was the never allowed to go back into the gates again, even for a drink/chat in the bar, Nope gone and gone for ever mate

As mentioned earlier in here the OZ have the best idea a limited ID so you can go in the dockyard see the grey funnel ships and have a drink with people of a similar knowledge, in the docklyard canteen or barracks club

I tried the RNA but was pissed off by committee men who had maybe done a dog watch risen to the dizzy heights of JRO before discharge never seen a tot and were now commodore status :)
Speaking of status, it was hard going to the dole office and no longer being somebody, just one of Jack Thompsons bairns, and queuing behind someone who had never worked since leaving school twenty years ago, Though it must have been tougher still for the two and a half ringer who was behind me! :-(

We are not alone though
FIL was the commodore of the Ben Fleet Line, brought the largest container ship in the world from Argentina into Liverpool,1976
Telegram, report to Fleet office in London urgent
Arrived office, big buffet spread, and drinky poos, After which he was SNLR :)
They are all the bloody same
Left in 1985 after 27 years plus boys time .

Left Faslane to join Cochrane ,Rosyth had a dinner time session in Faslane
with a few of my pals.
Joined Cochrane on the monday morning usual joining routine. Had a week to waste did each day doing one part of my discharge leaving routines till the Friday ,had the usual chat regarding why I was leaving and had the questionaire .
Didn't return anything apart from my Gas Respirator .

I had a job and was working by the second week of terminal leave .

I didn't really miss the mob till about 15 years later ---- Joined the RNA and the Submariners Assoc and started to enjoy the old banter again.
Civvies don't understand RN humour !!!
Enjoyed my time but was ready for something different. The first thing I did at home was to take the phone out of the bedroom!!! No more midnight recalls

:nemo: :nemo:
2badge_mango said:
Oi Nutty! Wot you doin' nickin' my bits?

Scuse me I gave you full bye-line as the author and put it in quotes so I am innocent of any theft, in fact I saved you the job of cutting and pasting it onto this thread. I will pm you the bill for the artwork.

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