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Discharge Docs


Hey there, as part of my application to the RAF they're wanting to see my Discharge documents, and also want me to specify my terms of service and catergory of discharge on my application forms.

Now when I was discharged I wasn't on the trained strength (I failed IOT at BRNC) so I'm stuck as what to write. For catergory of discharge I can only think to put compulsory withdrawn from training as this is the reason I got kicked out. The letter I recieved from BRNC only states that the commdore had approved me being withdrawn and it makes no mention to terms of service. Does anyone know if the procedure is slightly different due to me not completing IOT?

Any help would be appreciated



War Hero
Not sure which category will have been applied, but suspect it will have been DUDT - Discharged Unsuitable During Training.

You may write to the following address and request a copy of your certificate of termination:

Ex Royal Navy & Royal Marines

DPA Disclosures
Room 48
Mail Point G2
Leach Building
West Battery
Whale Island


Thanks for that, I'll look into that. Is the certificate something that should have arrived already or does it normally have to be sent off for?


Ok upon further inspection, I've recieved my certificate of service, but no discharge certificate. I do have a letter from the commodore of BRNC stating why I was removed however. It seems strange that they wouldn't send me my discharge certificate...
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