Discharge Docs

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Anyone discharged in last 5 years?

Any writers onboard?

What discharge documentation should I receive?.

I was discharged Sept 2004 from Faslane, the CWtr at the time told me my Discharge docs would be sent to my home address in a few weeks, well now some 4 1/2 years later still got fcuk all!!! i have nothing to say i was ever discharged from RN, applied to join TA a couple of weeks ago (no RNR in my area and I'm bored and now unemployed, so need something) anyway they have asked for my RN discharge papers, I contacted Director naval Personnel who say all they can give me is a photo copy of my service record, after I've filled in a disclosure form, So I have no original discharge documentation, any body got some to hand so i know what to ask for? :x

Maybe I'm still serving and should claim my LS&GC, then again on thinking back maybe not :lol:

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