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Discharge book


Apologies, I couldn't find a thread already discussing this.
Does anyone know where I post my application for a discharge book?
On my provisional offer it stated page 8 contained the address, though it doesn't. Page 10 has 6 addresses for interviews or rushed orders.

You apply to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. Whether they now issue centrally from Southampton or through local Marine Offices, I don’t know. Try Google.
A quick look at the relevant page on tells us you need to send the application by post to the Registrar-General of Shipping and Seamen, Anchor Court, Keen Road, CARDIFF CF24 5JW. This address is in the guidance notes for completing the relevant form, so how on earth did you miss it? As you need a "wet" signature from your employer, I suppose you have to go through RFAHQ first.
Thank you for the information.

As stated, the only addresses in the form are for rushed processing and interviews. When speaking to RFAHQ I was told to refer to the provisional offer email which states page 8. My recruiter has already filled in their details so it's a case of sending the form directly to Cardiff then.


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