Disbandement of Naval Intelligence Branch

Discussion in 'History' started by smoothbore, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. The Naval Int Branch is regarded as having a"a good war" - WW2, that is - and yet it was disbanded in the 1950s, I think. Can anyone give the reasons why & point me in the direction of a reference please?

  2. Don't think it was disbanded, probably givwn a new title - There exists today a Directorate of Naval Intelligence, but don't know how long its been called that.
  3. And N2 (Naval intelligence) has been re-born.
  4. Has it? Any open source details?
  5. Not entirely sure to be honest. My last draft was N2 at Northwood down the NCC, working within J2.
  6. Well that's closed off a rich seam inter Service jokes.
  7. N1 and N2 were still in existence in the 50/60s - catalogued numerous of their files and transferred them to the PRO/National Archives when I worked for MoD/
  8. Contradiction in terms sometimes.Back end of the 50's had a mate who was National Service[not a mate but someone who was lost and needed help on the ship].He was a bank clerk and was in the Comm.office working on ciphers.Went in to see him once and my feet never touched the deck,everyone shouted that it was a secret room and not for seamen to enter!
    So it's ok for a NS who will leave after two years head full of secrets and me in for 11 not to be trusted.
    No wonder we had Philby and all the others,wartime we were spot on thanks to Bletchly but after that we were dire.
    Can't say much about Naval intel but I know a little about the others and they did not have a clue against the Russkies.
    to much old boy network,later on they started to use ex-specials but the top was always Oxbridge types.
    They needed a complete overhaul.
  9. From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_intelligence#United_Kingdom

    "Intelligence requirements for the British Army are provided by the Intelligence Corps, the Royal Air Force being supported by an intelligence Branch. Whilst the Royal Navy does not have a dedicated Intelligence Branch officers from each of the professional branches are employed in intelligence roles, an Operational Intelligence branch does exist in the Royal Naval Reserve. Personnel are frequently employed in a joint environment, with staffs being formed from all three services.

    Strategic level intelligence is provided to the Ministry of Defence and other government departments by the Defence Intelligence Staff (DIS).

    Training for all three services is carried out at Chicksands in Bedfordshire."
  10. That is indeed correct (although wikipedia isn't the most reliable source). The RN doesn't have a dedicated INT branch, we do now have INT Officers and indeed PWO(I)'s too. Being a Naval CT theres nothing the INT Corp do that CT's don't, infact the Army also have SPEC OP's that cover some of the RN CT's job spec.
  11. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    DNI goes back a long way! Further even than Blinker hall who held the post in WW1 in 'Room 30', let alone Admiral Godfrey in WW2 (I think the only officer to reach 3 stars in the conflict without being knighted - got on the wrong side of Churchill I think, possibly for telling him things he didn't want to hear). Some good books about it all now, grub about on Google to see.

    As to Seafarer's NS coder rating (pretty much the lowest twig on the Int tree), the point was that with all classified material, by restricting access on a strict need-to-know basis the Services minimise the risk of material being seen by people who may not recognise its significance. Don't take it personally!

    Failures of the vetting process are something else again .. have a look at the Guy Liddell diaries on the internet (with the health warning that they have been edited by David Irving).

    Re NS coders, have a look at my National Service dit on RRPedia (advt!).
  12. ysp


    Don’t suppose you can assist me in my endeavour to join this Intelligence corp, I mostly am getting very mixed communication regarding the existence of this branch!
  13. What is it you don't understand?
  14. I was interviewed by Naval Intelligence in '69 because I had a copy of Das Kapital and a copy of The Red Sailor. Apparently, having a copy of one or the other would have been overlooked but having a copy of each meant I could be a threat to national security. Wakners!
  15. It was a Russian (CCCP) book that covered "Five year Collective Farming" that got me a swift interview with them in Gibraltar in 69 also.
    Only went on the Russian Trawler for a shag and the vodka. They knew more about Naval Gunnery than me so I was no Portland Spy.

    Edited to add:- I do think I taught that lovely Russian woman a thing or two about Naval shaggin though.:laughing2:
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2011
  16. What, always leave them wanting more?:bs:
  17. I hadn't got anymore.:-|
  18. I know 'any hole's a goal' and all that, but surely the belly button isn't a big enough hole, unless there's something you're not telling us.
  19. ysp



    I dont understand how to apply for a role in the branch, no one can seem to offer any advice, and I dont know if there is a direct entry route. Would you suggest ringing the base directly?
  20. :censored::censored:
    Yes and ask for Kim Philby :censored:

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