Disappeared thread


Got a message:

Your thread SBA/LMA Stewart Bruce Jan Greenslade was moved to a different forum.
8:24 AM

But it seems that the thread has been deleted as I cannot find it on search, and when I click into the message I get

Navy Net - Royal Navy Community - Error
You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.

Any one able to give an insight?


Cheers Guns your reply is appreciated

A quick PM from the moderator who effectively deleted the thread would have been courteous


War Hero
The thread in question was "reported" by a person claiming to be a family member disputing the rather peculiar allegation of being abused. A very odd thread, when you actually read the content.

As the individual claiming to be a family member threatened legal action against mikh, I 'moderated' the post, assuming the OP receives a notification message stating the reason it was moved off the boards.

Clearly that didn't happen, my apologies.


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As Ninja Stoker says, when you read ( i.e. in the past) the thread it was odd - and rather sad, too. Family arguments can be nasty, and I did wonder about possible legal implications. Moderators come in for criticism from time to time, but this decision seems correct to me.


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I don't think that there was any criticism implied about the removal of the thread, the constant, and in my opinion fair criticism, is where threads are removed without any explanation.


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My bad. I had other priorities after clearing up the latest spam and reading the reported thread and all on an iPhone. Rather than try to compose reasons in writing or edit on such a device - I thought I'd wait until I was on a proper computer. The reason for the binning was -I thought- obvious.

There are some needy, demanding posters here, I regret I cannot meet their expectations for prompt written justification for every moderation decision.

There, all on an iPhone. Can I stand at ease now?


Not one but to mods, moderated one of my few and far between threads, I am truly honoured, but thanks for getting back to me

Ninja, I did receive a notification that it had been moved, but nothing as to the whys and wherefores, I did post a reply to the family member that I would forward his answer onto the Doc, but the thread was gone when I next logged in, so I missed his reply to me, otherwise, I would probably applied a little self moderations :rolleyes:

Seadog, the thread disappeared sometime on Saturday morning, I asked the question if anyone knew what had happened to it on Saturday afternoon, and Guns kindly replied on Sunday. I understand that you have a life outside of RR and that answers may not be given immediately, but is it too much to ask that a reason for deletion be given? As for your reply, 1st paragraph was more than I would normally expect in the way of an answer from you, but true to form on your 2nd paragraph, a condescending and mildly insulting dig, but on the 3rd, is that signs of a sense of humour? if yes, you can stand at ease, if no, stay at attention for a while longer :p


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Mikh. I did read the posts whilst they were still unmoderated.
As I said earlier, I think the decision to delete the thread was the right decision. As to the notification re whys and wherefores, you may well be expecting too much of the system.

Seadog. You said:

"There are some needy, demanding posters here, I regret I cannot meet their expectations for prompt written justification for every moderation decision."

With the greatest of respect, that sounds pompous. Noting that I thought it was Ninja Stoker who moderated the post, might it be worth listening to individuals like Mikh who make perfectly valid points? After all, how often are threads deleted?


Read the first reply from the grandson, which I admit took me a bit by surprise, but taking in to account that it appears the allegations of abuse may have been levelled at a family member (I assumed it was another case of care home abuse) I can well understand the grandson getting upset, and I apologise without reservation for any distress I caused him or his family.

I believe the original request for photos has also been removed from the lost oppos facebook page.


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Can I just point out, it is I that deletes the majority of spam. Me. Ok? Me.



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I didn't delete the thread. I parked it up in the admin area so it could be "thought about" tweaked, caveated, reinstated as was or binned by whichever mod fancied doing so. I figured they would spot the reason it was relocated and an explanation wouldn't be necessary. I was right.

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