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Discussion in 'RR Greatest Threads' started by RonJeremy, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. Just read the following article.....


    and wondered what other forum users thoughts were on fcuking a mongo. I must confess that I'm ambivalent on the subject as I can see the mothers point of view as her pet mongtard needs to empty his bag and clear his pipes just like the rest of us, otherwise he's going to get frustrated and start using his mongo strength to smash the fcuking place up. However, the idea of playing hide the sausage with a spazmo kind of repulses me. I once did a stint on Sceptre and went into Guzz for 24 hours with a defect and one of the Binnies fcuked a dwarf (she was the gen article with little legs and a massive fcuk off swad). He said she was dirty as fcuk with a shaved growler and everything. I suppose it depends on the nature of the disability and what holes are available. Has anyone any thoughts or experiences concerning this enthralling subject?
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Fcuk me, you'd need 10 pints just to do the mother.......

    Whats wrong with gimp sex, as long as they don't start blowing up the condoms to use as balloons.
  3. Maybe a part in the latest Lord of the ringpiece porn movies might do the trick seeing as "Otto" the dinner gong looks like a fcuked up hobbit!!
  4. Spastics have feelings too you know..
    The problem with this ladies retard son is that he needs to be in the company of his own kind. If he just goe's about shagging any old normal bird that comes his way or worse still he goe's on a raping rampage then who knows what the consequences may be? Britiain will be run amok by hybrid super human spakkers with super humanoid powers as you say smashing the place up and then the gene pool will be forever polluted.
    What they need to do is round them all up and put them in an enclosure , Swings and climbing frames around for them to play on and then they can shag each other till their hearts content. Pehaps we can have them kept in a large Pen with a moat and walk way around it so the general public can come along and throw them some food or just shout them a few words of encouragement.
    Im all for taking good care of spastics and retards etc . But to let them put their willies in normal birds fannies?? No way!
  5. I'm up for shagging spackers as long as they're not fat. I',m pretty sure I've slipped a length to a few with serious mental issues so physical handicaps are the next logical step.

    Therefore, count me in.
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  6. Why doesn't she 'Take him in hand' or do the deed with him herself if she's so desperate.
    The lads adopted so it's not incestuous, (well maybe not?) but the lad needs to blow his load lady so stop pontificating and drag him into your pit once Hubbby's off to work for an all day Mongloving sesh!!
  7. I was just wondering........has anyone buggered a bird with a colostomy bag on? My reasoning being that when you drop anchor in poo bay and stab a normal non handicapped/disabled birds a*se you sometimes get unpleasant brown fecal matter behind your foreskin (assuming you have one) which requires a good fcuking dhobeying. However, if the lucky girl in question is wearing a gash bag strapped to her hip does it take sh*te, p*ss or both? If it takes the sh*te, then it stands to reason that there should be none up her stern tube, thus leaving you with a pristine bulled bell end. Hmmmm .....confusing!
  8. There used to be a dwarf stripper in Diamond Lil's (Union Street version not RR) in the late 70's. An oppo nailed it and reckoned she was ace. When she was on top he could spin her round on his knob :D
  9. I would be quite happy to do the mother sober :)
  10. I've just been to the park and done all his playmates so up yours lads and lasses #


    Did the one on the left fore and aft 8O
  11. The black one with the furry face and the big ears?
  12. As well [just as a warm up]
  13. Maybe if the Mother is so concerned about the mongs sexual urges it would actually be kinder to end it all and just wrap a heavyweight spear and jacksons finest around the back of his mongoloid napper. But do it in a humane way....from behind when he's watching Teletubbies so that the retarded cnut doesn't see it coming. I suprise myself sometimes with my levels of compassion.
  14. If you can't walk them in..............wheel them in
  15. Just sitting here day dreaming about that spazzy lad playing about with those 3 birds and got a bit of blood in it.

    If you were in the park with 3 of your mates and one of them bought his sister along who was full on downers but had a fit body You would have to have a little fiddle wouldnt you? Its kind of making me horny thinking about it.
  16. That would be ace, I couldn't help myself.


    Engorged of gateshead
  17. How about a downey with a colostomy bag?
  18. I remember her well,you could have a blow job standing at the bar as well so you didnt miss out on a round. :lol:
  19. No mate Im not really into Poo games.

    Not since I barebacked that Kathoey in Pattaya a couple of years back, went for a ''squirt the Aids back out piss'' Immediately after and had a stinky brown nugget sat on tip of me bell end.

    I might give it a try again if it was a mongy virgin mind!
  20. I would of broken a bottle and held it to her throat to force her into sucking it clean for me afterwards.....but then not everyone is as romantic as me
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